Volume 10, Number 3, Sept 1988, p.9

Health & Safety: American Chemical Society Annual Meeting 'Safety Issues in the Practice of Art and Art Conservation'

by Chris Stavroudis

The Annual Meeting of the American Chemical Society will be held from the 25th to the 30th of September, 1988, in Los Angeles. Sr. Mary Virginia Orna, of the Department of Chemistry, College of New Rochelle, has organized this special program on "Safety Issues in the Practices of Art and Art Conservation". The lectures take place on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 214B.

Titles and authors of the talks are:

(Tuesday Afternoon, 27 Sept)

"Health and Safety Aspects of the Restoration and Preservation of Historic Garments", R.J. Simmons, C.O. Lindholm;

"Solvent Exposure to Graphic Artists", W. Stopford, J.S. Miller, K.N. Smith, W. Bosserman;

"Potters, Lead, and Health: Occupational Safety in a Mexican Village", C. Cornell;

"Lead Exposure from Application of Hobby Glazes", W. Stopford;

"Cancer Risk Among Artistic Painters", B.A. Miller, D.T. Silverman, R.N. Hoover, A. Blair; and

"Safety Issues in the Practice of Art: Response to Problems at an Academic Institution: Concordia University's Experience", M.E. Baldwin.

(Wednesday Morning, 28 Sept)

"Labeling Art and Craft Supplies for Chronic Toxicity", J.T. Luke;

"California Toxicological Guidelines for Generating a List of Safe Art and Craft Materials", R. Schlag;

"Selling Safety: Educating and Convincing Artists to Work Safely", G.S. Wheeler;

"Health and Safety Video Curriculum for Art Students", R.J. Simmons, B.J. Semmens, L.M. Einfalt;

"Canadian Initiatives to Increase Public Awareness of Arts and Crafts Health Hazards", J.R. Harrison; and

"Australian Survey Regarding the Quality of Education in Health and Safety for Artists", M. Nott.

Nonchemical scientist and members of ACS on-site registration is $125 or $70 for a one-day session. Student (less than postdoctoral status) rates are $15 and $5.

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