Volume 9, Number 3, Sept 1987, p.27

From the Editor

by Chris Stavroudis

The new look of the Newsletter is the work of Lark London (Stavroudis, wife of the editor), a graphic designer. The WAAC graphic, designed by Lilli Cristin, was retained, but submerged in a speckle field. Lilli's layout for the Newsletter required simplification due to limitations of the simple computer printers now used in the production of the Newsletter.

I would like to thank Caroline Black Blydenburg for her excellent advice on how to schedule, organize, edit, and in general, cope with the Newsletter. If not for the four pages of notes, filed under "How to Edit", this issue would still be a large pile of notes on my bedroom floor.

Envelope stuffing, sealing, and the always popular stamp licking was provided by the nimble fingers and moist tongues of, well, they would rather remain anonymous. The WAAC mailing list lives in the Sage IV, Idris system, at LACMA. WAAC wishes, again, to thank Pieter Meyers and LACMA for allowing the use of the Sage.

The mailing list program is a very rough draft of the database/word processor program under development at LACMA. The system, when operational, will maintain treatment records and reports for the conservation department.

Technical Production Stuff: The Newsletter is edited on an AT&T Unix PC with 1.5M RAM, a 20MB hard disk, and a built-in 300/1200 baud modem. The computer, as it's name implies, runs under the Unix (System V, version 3.5) operating system. Instead of a word processor, a visual text editor, vi, is used in conjunction with a text formatter, nroff, to produce the finished product. (All pretty boring, don't you think?)

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