Volume 9, Number 2, May 1987, p.21

From the Editor

by Caroline Black Blydenburgh

After four years as editor, I am bidding farewell to my work on the WAAC newsletter. Other activities have been crowding in on my schedule and besides it's time for somebody new to take a turn. Editing the newsletter has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience, not the least of which has been my contact with the regional reporters and an array of people, members or not, who have contributed articles to the newsletter. I want to thank all of our contributors and the newsletter staff for taking time from their busy schedules to support the newsletter. It has been their efforts which have kept it afloat.

I was touched to receive an engraved pen set at the spring board meeting and admire the board's determination in fitting my new name in its entirety on the pen. The pencil reads: WAAC Newsletter Editor 1983-1987. This gift will be a lovely memento.

The newsletter is fortunate now to have such a bright and capable editor as Chris Stavroudis (Thompson Conservation Associates, Los Angeles) I am impressed that someone as busy as Chris is going to make time for the newsletter. Last but not least, the newsletter will surely benefit by the assistance offered by Rosanna Zubiate (Textile Conservation, LACMA) and Glenn Wharton (private practice, Santa Barbara.)

Caroline Black Blydenburgh

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