Volume 9, Number 2, May 1987, p.6

Survey at UCSB Art Museum

by Scott Haskins

Art Museum at the University of Southern California at Santa Barbara is in the process of conducting its first collection survey in the history of the museum (1959). Funding for this project was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Institute for Museum Services and was organized by Dr. David Farmer, director of the UCSB Art Museum along with SCOTT M. HASKINS, Conservation Consultant. An object by object inspection was done of the paintings, framed paper items, and several classifications of artifacts. A less detailed survey was done of the 2000 works of art on paper and the African artifact collection. The Morganroth Collection of medallions was inspected by Arthur Beale a few years ago. Condition reports are being written on the objects inspected, each object is being photographed, relocated and storage facilities are being reorganized and emergency conservation work is being performed on objects that are in peril. The importance of each object is evaluated possible future exhibition needs.

The information gathered from the survey is being entered on an IBM computer using the Dbase III program. The information generated by the survey will allow the museum to formulate long term and short term conservation priorities, apply for funding, get a better idea of the contents of the collection and get ready for the construction of the new art museum. (plans have already been approved)

The survey is being conducted under the direction of Scott M. Haskins of Fine Art Conservation Laboratories in Santa Barbara.

Scott Haskins
Fine Art Conservation Laboratories

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