Volume 9, Number 2, May 1987, p.1

Change of Newsletter Editor

by Benita Johnson

Caroline Black Blydenburgh has announced that she will leave her position as WAAC Newsletter Editor to devote more time to her academic studies. Caroline has been the newsletter's editor for four years, and in that capacity has written articles, compiled information, typed and distributed the newsletter. Caroline has not just edited the newsletter; she has been the motivating force behind it. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Caroline for the hard work, long hours and high standards which she has given to WAAC Newsletter. At the April board meeting, the board, on behalf of WAAC, presented Caroline with an engraved pen set as a token of our appreciation.

It is with great pleasure that we now welcome Chris Stavroudis as the new editor. Chris, a graduate of the Winterthur program in art conservation, was a Mellon Fellow at the Conservation Center, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and is now working in private practice for Thompson Conservation Associates. He has been closely involved with the WAAC for several years through his previous position as member-at-large on the Board and his ongoing task of keeping the membership list up to date.

Both Chris and Caroline have cooperated to produce this issue of the newsletter. The next issue will be produced and edited by Chris Stavroudis.

Benita Johnson
President, WAAC

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