Volume 9, Number 1, Jan. 1987, p.5

Service Corps of Retired Executives and BACC

by Gary Wade Alden

BACC has undergone an intensive review of all its operations, working with counselors from the Service Corps of Retired Executives, which is administered by the Small Business Administration. SCORE is a group of executives with much business experience who volunteer their time to assist small companies. SCORE has 450 chapters and 11,000 counselors nationwide, who are carefully chosen based on experience, recommendations, committee evaluation, and a vote of the board of directors. Operating under the same work ethic that guided their successful business careers, the SCORE volunteers do not put up with lackadaisical or inept counselors. Likewise, they expect their clients to work hard for themselves. Counselors provide expertise in 16 problem areas, including bidding and estimating, record keeping and accounting, financial statements, office management, personnel, sources of credit and financing, and inventory control. Requests for counseling must be submitted on SBA Form 641, which is available from any local SBA office, listed in the phone directory. The counseling experience must vary of course with different situations and particular volunteers, but the BACC staff has found the advice of their two counselors, Doug Hedge and Bob Hoch, to be invaluable in evaluating business practices whose evolution had failed to keep pace with the growth of the center over the past 12 years. We recommend SCORE as an important resource for all conservators concerned with improving efficiency, productivity, and work flow communications in any working environment.

Gary Wade Alden
Director BACC

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