Volume 8, Number 3, Sept. 1986, pp.14-15


McLean, Catherine C. and Patricia Connell, Editors. Textile Conservation Symposium in Honor of Pat Reeves, 1986. Hardcover, 84 pages, limited edition of 500, $15.00. Illustrated with 50 B/W and 10 color photographs, this Festschrift includes 13 presentations by textile conservators, scientists and historians. To order, send check for $15.00 payable to LACMA to: C. McLean, Conservation Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036 USA>

The Caber press is pleased to announce the publication of the introduction to Dr. Julius Wiesner's essay, "Microscopic Examination of the Faijum Papers." Originally published in 1886, this was one of the earliest scientific examinations of the history of making paper from rags; it has now been translated from German. This pamphlet is available from: Thompson Conservation Laboratory 7549 N. Fenwick Portland, Oregon 97217 for $8.50, postpaid. Size: 8" X 5", iv, 14.

Istor Productions, a division of Thompson Conservation Laboratory announces the availability of several videotapes:

For information contact:

Istor Productions
1417 N.W. Everett
Portland, Oregon 97209
(503) 248-0046

Needles, Howard L. and S. Haig Zeronian, Editors. Historic Textile and Paper Materials: Conservation and Characterization. Advances in Chemistry Series No.212. ISBN 0-8412-0900-6. Illustrated and indexed, 464 pp. $94.95 U.S. & Canada clothbound. This book was developed from a symposium sponsored by the ACS Cellulose, Paper, and Textile Division at the 188th Meeting of the American Chemical Society, August 27-29, 1984. Order from:

ACS Distribution Office
Dept 489
1155 Sixteenth Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. (800) 424-6747

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