Volume 8, Number 3, Sept. 1986, pp.11-12

Technical Exchange

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Application of Light Cured Composite Resins as Fill Material

The Antiquities Conservation Department of the J. Paul Getty Museum has begun to investigate the use of visible light cured resins in objects conservation.

The material, a mixture of Bis glyacetyl methacrylate and other resins, is a commonly used dental restorative material. As it is biocompatible, its physical properties also appear to be compatible with conservation uses.

Its major advantage over auto polymerizing resins is that it can be moved, shaped, textured, etc. indefinitely before curing is effected by application of the curing light.

Cure is initiated by blue spectrum visible light and in practice any intense light source containing blue light applied to the resin will achieve cure. This department has found that a fiber optic microscope light will cure a 1-2 mm depth of material in approximately one minute. Successive layers of resin can be built up using a bonding agent of triethylene glycol di-methacrylate between layers. The basic color of the material is opaque white and it can be easily shaped, sanded, finished and painted as desired. Thus far use at the J. Paul Getty Museum has been confined to small fills in ceramic objects and in this application it has proven qute successful. The Getty obtained its materal through Dr. Jan Orlowski of Scientific Pharmaceuticals, 1828 Evergreen Street, Duarte, Ca. 91010.

Health Insurance

Conservators in private practice or in part time positions in institutions face more and more costly health insurance expenses. The newly formed specialty group of AIC, Conservators in Private Practice, is looking into a possible group plan. Perhaps WAAC could work as a West Coast liaison to put together the needed list of people with the statistics the insurance company need: the person's age and number of dependents. Alternatively, if enough people are interested, WAAC could accomplish the same thing independently. If you are interested in either possibility, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Please drop me a note or call me with the above information.

Anita Noennig, c/o Daedalus, 6020 Adeline Street, Oakland, CA
94608 (415) 658-4566

Conservation Materials has Just Put Out its New Catalogue Featuring Some New Products

These include:

To find out about these and many other products call Doug, Dorothy or Sam at (702) 331-0582.

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