Volume 8, Number 2, May 1986, p.1

Art Conservation Laboratories of Santa Barbara Closes


The recent closing of Art Conservation Laboratories of Santa Barbara, Inc. has justifiably left many people confused especially after having seen the lab operating successfully during the last WAAC conference. The two years of the lab's existence were in fact very successful and the financial forecasts were actually being exceeded. The capitalization of the business, however, depended on the stability of one central person and when that stability failed then all business ventures associated with the investor also failed. Unfortunately, ACL was one of several companies involved. Of course, the sad thing is to see a successful lab fold. Attempts were made to find new venture capital investors but without success.

The personnel, for the most part, have moved on to other jobs. Of the professional conservators, Scott M. Haskins, Head of Conservation (paintings) has decided to begin a laboratory (a continuation of ACL) which offers some continuity to the existing professional obligations. Marialuisa Lucini, assistant painting conservator, has returned to Italy to take up private practice.

The ACL facility, which was under lease, has been purchased by United Way and that site is now occupied by that organization. Liens and litigation are presently tieing up the lab's assets (i.e,. supplies and equipment) and may continue to do so for several months.

If you have any questions you may call Scott M. Haskins (805) 683-3236.

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