Volume 7, Number 3, Sept. 1985, p.17



Reds, Reds, Copper Reds by Robert Tichane investigates copper red glazes in three segments: a literature search, a scientific examination of actual glaze information, and an analysis of the defects and processes in copper red glaze formation. Hardbound, 306 pages, $22 US (postpaid.)

Copies may be ordered from the Book Department, New York Glaze Institute, 511 North Hamilton - Painted Post, New York 14871.

The 1985 revised and enlarged edition of On Picture Varnishes and Their Solvents by Feller, Stolow and Jones, may be obtained from the AIC for $10 plus $2 postage and handling.

Recent Setbacks in Conservation, Volume 1, 1985 is finally available. It includes such inciteful articles as, "The Application of the Unreal Quantum Yield Theory to the Safe Illumination of Two Dimensional Works" by Ray LaFontaine, "The Museum Applications of Einsteinian Space/Time Geometry" by Molson Wincarnis, and "Loss of Voice in Brunus Edwardi" by Henry Hodges. Most rewarding to this editor was Leon Spinks' book review of "Technical Writing for the Technical Writer" in which he observes, "Its a pity that a little more careful poofreading was not done from the outset so as to catch the many typograpical errors."

Don't miss this one! Copies are available for $5 each from the Canadian Conservation Institute, 1030 Innes Road, Ottawa, Ontario, KlA-OM8, Canada. Telephone (613) 998-3721 (D).

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