Volume 7, Number 2, May 1985, p.12

Books, Audio-Visual


Archives & Manuscripts: Conservation, Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler, Chicago: Society of American Archivists, 1983 (152pp.) $14.
Chapter headings include: Conservation Philosophy; Nature of Archival Materials; Causes of Archival Deterioration; Creating a Suitable Environment; Storage of Archival Materials; Integrating Conservation and Archival Administration; Conservation Treatments.

Conservation of Manuscripts and Paintings of South-East Asia, O.P. Agrawal. Stoneham: Butterworths, 1984.
Contents: Painting in South and South-East Asia; Historical Background; Birch-bark; Palm-leaf Manuscripts; Cloth paintings; Paper Manuscripts and Paintings; Than-kas; Glossary; Index.

Conservation of Wall Paintings, Paolo Mora, Laura Mora & Paul Philippot. Stoneham: Butterworths, 1984. Contents: Examination & Documentation; Technology of the Constituents of Renderings; Pigments; The History of Techniques; Causes of Alteration in Wall Paintings; Fixation & Consolidation; Detachment; Application to a New Support; Cleaning & Disinfection; Problems of Presentation.

Patterns for Historical Costumes are produced by Past Patterns, Inc. for distribution through the American Association for State and Local History, Nashville, Tenn.

X-Ray Techniques in Art Galleries and Museums, D. Graham & T. Eddie. Boston: Adam Hilger Ltd., 1984.
Contents: The X-ray Unit; X-ray Film & Intensifying Screens; X- ray Film Processing; Taking the Radiograph; Theoretical Considerations in Radiography; Radiography of Paintings, Stone & Wood; Special Radiographic Techniques; Radiation Protection.

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