Volume 6, Number 1, Jan. 1984, p.12

Technical Exchange

Various authors

Arco Chemical has just released some new products which, normally used in coatings, can be used by conservators as specialized solvents for cleaning, etc. They are: ARCOSOLV PG ethers, and PG ether acetate and ARCOSOLV PM acetate. Their slow evaporation rate makes them ideal for fine detail cleaning and is adjustable by mixing the ethers and the ether acetates. Also, they have low toxicity ratings. For further information contact WAAC member RON STARK or ARCO Chemical Company, 1500 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19101 or call 800-354-1500.

A new type of silica gel called "ArtSorb" has recently become available in two forms: loose bead and in impregnated sheets of polypropylene/polyethylene. Papers presenting comparative performance statistics have been published by Steve Weintraub and Sadatoshi Miura. They indicate that Art-Sorb is seven to nine times more effective than regular or intermediate density silica gels in the range of 40% to 70% RH and therefore offers greater potential as a sorbent (in this range) for buffering RH change in a micro-climate. "Art-Sorb" was tested in three micro-climate projects (two showcases and a travelling crate) with extremely satisfactory results. The showcases and crate were subjected to dramatic and quick fluctuations in RH and temperature. Even the transitions and recovery of interior RH were gentle and extended with only a 2 to 4 variation with the most severe exterior changes. "Art-Sorb" is available from: Fuji-Davison Chemical Ltd. Room 508, 5th Floor, Higashi-Kan Dai-Ni Toyota Building, 11-27, 4-Chome, Meiki, Nakamura-Ku Nagoya-Shi, Aichi-Ken, Japan.

Bruce Metro & Carol Elkins, Getty

Denton Vacuum, Inc., the company which produces Denglas, is just beginning to put onto the market a non-reflective UV filtering safety glass which they call Laminated UV Protected Denglas. They have laminated two sheets of glass together sandwiching a layer of plastic and coated both outer sides with their non-reflective coating. The thickness of the product is about 1/4 inch and it weighs twice as much as regular glass. At this stage of development this product costs about four times as much as Denglas. The largest size currently available is 30" x 40", while the largest sheet of Denglas is 40" x 62". Although the product is on the market, Denton Vacuum is doing developmental work to test the product and to bring down the production costs over the next two years. Delivery time should be estimated at several weeks.

Mr. DENTON would like to receive feedback on this product. The address is:

Denton Vacuum, Inc.
8 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, N.J. 08003 (609) 424-1012

The San Diego Historical Society has obtained five monumental architectural figures made of zinc which once adorned the old County Courthouse in downtown San Diego. Standing eight to ten feet tall, they were installed in 1889 and removed in 1939. Since their removal the statues have had some hard times. Constructed of thin sheets of pressed zinc soldered together, the figures have many dents and crushed areas, split seams, bullet holes and missing pieces. It is the hope of the Historical Society to repair the five figures and restore at least one of them to its original gilded appearance. If you have had any experience with this type of architectural decoration, please contact:

Bruce Kamerling, Curator of Collections
San Diego Historical Society
P.O. Box 81825 San Diego, CA 92138

additional keyword: outdoor sculpture

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