Volume 5, Number 3, Sept. 1983, p.6



Conservation of Wooden Monuments, Proceedings of the ICOMOS International Wood Committee's IVth symposium held in Canada in June 1982. Article on the thermal upgrading of historic buildings, totem pole conservation, wood preservatives and suppliers, dendrochronology, and case histories of major restorations in Europe and North America. Available from: The Heritage Canada Foundation. P.O. Box 1358, Station B, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5R4, Canada, for $15.00, postage paid.

"Furniture, Care and Conservation" by Robert McGiffin, published by Kansas State Historical Society, gives step-by-step instructions for examination, cleaning, repair, and maintenance of historical furniture. Available from: American Association for State and Local History, 708 Berry Road, Nashville, Tenn. 37204, for $17.95, including shipping.

"Stone Decay and Conservation: Atmospheric Pollution - Cleaning - Consolidation and Protection," by Giovanni G. Amoroso and Vasco Fassina. Published with assistance of the National Scientific Research Fund, Switzerland. Copiously illustrated book gives a thorough, detailed exposition of the current state of knowledge in the field of conservation and restoration of stone in buildings and monuments. It describes stone conservation techniques and scientific investigations to test their efficiency and longevity, and details the chemical and physical properties of the various polymeric substances that are available for stone treatment. Much emphasis is given to the study of environmental aspects and their reaction with building materials. The book includes a thorough bibliography and a number of case histories which describe specific projects and the type of treatment carried out. Available from Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company, Inc., P. O. Box 1663, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163, for $97.75.

"Beauty and the Beasts: On Museums, Art, the Law, and the Market," by Stephen E. Weil. Deals with relationships between museums, the visual arts, and the law. Available in paper for $9.95 and cloth for $19.95 plus $l.50 for postage from: Smithsonian Institution Press, Marketing Manager, 900 Jefferson Drive, S.W., Washington, DC 20560.

"Storage of Textiles and Costumes: Guidelines for Decision Making," by Professor Anne Y. Lambert, University of Alberta. A workbook-style manual which covers the preservation-access issue, conservation considerations, all facets of the planning process, storage models, methods and system designs, and implementation and evaluation procedures. Includes a 35 page bibliography. Available for $5.00 Canadian, plus $2.00 postage in Canada or $3.00 elsewhere. Make money orders payable to: UBC Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, 6393 NW Marine Drive, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1W5. Attn: Margaret Meikle.

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