Volume 5, Number 2, June 1983, pp.8-9



Haines, B.M., 1981, The Fibre Structure of Leather, Leather Conservation Centre, London, 36 pp., 78 figs., 5.00 pounds sterling. This publication is the first in a monograph series produced by the recently formed Leather Conservation Centre--a series aimed at both conservators and archaeologists. Other titles promised include: "The Manufacture of Leather: An Historical Review of Practice and Method," "Fungicides and Preservatives for Use in Leather Conservation," and "Oils and Lubricants for Use in Leather Conservation."

Fidler, John. "The Conservation of Architectural Terracotta and Faience," Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings (ASCHB) Transactions: Volume 6, 1981, pp.3-16.

Lynch, Michael F. and William J. Higgins. The Maintenance and Repair of Architectural Sandstone. New York: New York Landmarks Conservancy, 1983, 8 pages, $1.50 each, $1.00 each for bulk orders (minimum of 35). Makes checks payable to: New York Landmarks Conservancy, 330 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036.

Science for Conservators is a series of 6 books developed by the Crafts Council (The Conservation Section), 12 Waterloo Place, London SW1Y 4AU, for conservators with non-scientific background. The first three titles will be available by the end of 1982. Approximately 100 pp each, with illustrations, exercises, index.

A color video tape, Elements of Book Conservation, by Jack Thompson is available from Istor Productions, 1417 N.W. Everett, Portland, OR, for $250.00. This production, the first of three, explains some of the steps involved in restoring function to deteriorated books. The entire series will include books from the 12th - 19th centuries.

The California Arts Council has published a calendar entitled, "California Visual Arts and Crafts Events 1983" It is intended to answer the needs of those who want to see what Californians are doing, of craftspeople and artists who need to show or want to compete,, and of travelers who want to know what will be going on where and on what date. To receive a copy, please send your name, address and 40 cents in stamps to: Arts and Crafts Events, California Arts Council, 1901 Broadway, Suite A, Sacramento, CA 95818.

Ching-te-chen is a new book by Robert Tichane about Chinese porcelain. It includes the unedited letters of Pere d'Entrecolles, the complete text of Vogt's researches on Ching dynasty porcelain, many recent photographs of Chinese porcelain fabrication, and woodcuts of porcelain making from the 1815 edition of "Ching-te-chen Tao Lu." Send $29.95 + $2.50 P&H to: NYS Institute for Glaze Research, 511-513 N. Hamilton Street, Painted Post, New York, 14870.

Also available: Those Celadon Blues by Robert Tichane. An in- depth study of glazes and glazing, built around the subject of Chinese Sung Celadons. $15.00 + $2 P&H, NYS Institute for Glaze Research (address above).

The Center for the Conservation of Oriental Arts (Upper Midwest Conservation Association), in cooperation with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, has prepared an exhibition and a videotape to demonstrate the art of Oriental conservation. The video presentation, Paper and Silk, is available for purchase or rental through The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Arts Resources Department, 2400 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404. The center is currently preparing a second video-tape to aid in educating museum curators and the public on the care of Oriental art works.

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