Volume 5, Number 1, March 1983, p.12

Changes in Membership National Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Property (NIC)


At the October meeting of the NIC, the National Institute Council voted unanimously to establish an annual fee of $100 for members on the Council. Another action taken was to adopt a new and broader-based membership plan for the Council, reducing the number of categories to one and giving an equal vote to each member with the exception of funding organizations. Institutions that previously were included in the categories of permanent, rotating, and associate membership are now voting members.

The Board of the Western Association for Art Conservation voted in October to join the NIC. The NIC requires a representative Designee. The WAAC board will choose both a Designee and an Alternate to replace James Greaves and Victoria Blyth Hill, who previously held those positions.

The minimum membership policy of the NIC requires that members fall into one of the following groups:

  1. Existing national organizations representing conservation professionals.
  2. Training and education programs for conservators and technicians.
  3. Area conservation membership organizations. Such organizations must have existed for a one-year period and should have a minimum of twenty-five members. One-half of their membership must consist of conservation professionals.
  4. Institutions with conservation treatment and/or conservation research facilities for various categories of cultural property.
  5. Membership organizations representing users of conservation information and services.
  6. Funding and policy-making organizations such as foundations or granting agencies.

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