Volume 5, Number 1, March 1983, p.7

Fake Gallery Labels



Kraushaar Gallery in New York wishes to alert our readers to the possible circulation of American paintings or watercolors with fake labels from the gallery. Two such works have been seen, one signed Glackens and one signed Benton, both of which bear on the back a label purporting to be from Kraushaar Gallery at 730 Fifth Avenue, New York. The gallery was, in fact, located at that address from 1936 to 1944. But the label is in no way similar to the ones used at the gallery during that time.

Carole Pesner of the Kraushaar Gallery comments on the Glackens label, "The typed figures and letters in the upper right (W.G. 190) have no relation to a Glackens estate number. Nor do we put typed or handwritten estate numbers on our labels in that fashion . . . All the authentic labels have the name and address of the gallery at the top and a blank space for the information below. The only time we have had words printed--"artist", "title", and "size" has been on a price tag, which had the word "price" printed as well."

The two paintings, as well as the labels, are judged to be fakes by experts who have seen them.

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