Volume 4, Number 2, May 1982, pp.4-5

Conservation in the News


New York Times, January 25, 1981:
In "Numismatics" by Ed Reiter, "Little 'PVC' Holders Can Cause Big Problems." Article describes polyvinyl chloride "PVC" holders used for coin album pages and currency holders. To make them flexible manufacturers often blend plasticizers in with the material. When heat and light act upon PVC it breaks down chemically and hydrochloric acid is released. This, in turn, can cause a chemical change in the surface of the coin which the holder is supposed to be protecting. If plasticizers are used, these can also ooze out of the compound and form an oily film that spreads onto the coin.

Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Wednesday, March 31,1982 (Section C/Page 1)
"Christ by Leonardo: Is it real or a ripoff?" by Christopher Knight, Herald Examiner Art Critic. Discussion of the controversy over the authenticity of the "Salvator Mundi" (Savior of the World) attributed to Leonardo da Vinci including scientific investigation conducted by Madeleine Hours, formerly Director of the Research Laboratory at the Louvre Museum in Paris. This painting was included in an exhibition at the Art Galleries of the University of Southern California in March, 1982, along with four oil-on-linen drapery studies by Leonardo, and two 17th- century manuscripts from the studios of Peter Paul Rubens and Nicolas Poussin, that offers sketches derived from Leonardo's posthumously collected notes on painting. Catalogue available from the USC Art Gallery.

Los Angeles Times, Wednesday, April 21, 1982, Part II:
"Saving A Fading Mural." The article reports on progress in the attempt to unveil a wall mural entitled "American Tropical" painted by David Alfaro Siqueiros in 1932 (on an Olvera Street building) in Los Angeles. The politically controversial mural was whitewashed a few weeks after its completion and has remained largely unknown and unseen ever since. It now appears that a treatment proposal has been presented to remove the whitewash and restore the mural. The project is being held up, however, because of some opposition by the local merchants and the projects' estimated cost of approximately $75,000. Los Angeles is one of the few cities outside Mexico to have a Siqueiros mural.

Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Living Section, Aug.22, 1982:
"Domergue's Domain; Conservator Denise Domergue combats the specialized problems of contemporary art." The title says it all--an interesting account of the trials and tribulations of conserving contemporary art. Denise gives her philosophy of conservation and relates some of her experiences with artists and their art work.

The New York Times, Sunday, August 29, 1982:
"Modern Paintings Tax Conservators. " A brief historical perspective on the development of art conservation and a discussion of conservation techniques used by present day conservators. Several AIC and WAAC members are quoted.

State of the Arts, Published by the California Arts Council, No. 34, Mar-Apr 1982.
"Health Hazards: Don't Be Alarmed, Be Informed." Generally discusses health hazards and mortality rates in the arts. Quotes Michael McCann and various artists. James Alkons, a WAAC member, is prominently featured in several photographs.

Los Angeles Times:
article entitled "Sleuth Seeks Out Microscopic Clues." This article discusses the beginnings of Walter McCrone and Associates. There is a brief description of Mr. McCrone's use of the light microscope to investigate the authenticity of art work, criminal evidence and the Shroud of Turin.

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