Volume 4, Number 1, Feb. 1982, p.5

Review of the WAAC Annual Meeting, October 16-17, 1981, at the Huntington Library, San Marino, California


Papers presented at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 16 and Sunday, October 17:

Betty Engel--"Vacuum Envelop Lining of Hill's 'Driving the Last Spike"'

Scott Haskins--"Survey of Silicon Adhesive Products Potentially Useful for Textiles and Paper"

Pat Reeves--"Conservation of 18th Century Costumes with a Note on Bleaching"

Teri Oikawa-Picante--"Restoration of an Isenbrandt: The Removal of Two Layers of Over-paint"

James Druzik--"The Potential for Computer Image Processing in Conservation"

Catherine McLean--"Costume Conservation: An 18th Century Stomacher"

Victoria Blyth Hill--"The Treatment and Mounting of Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Leicester"

William Adair--"History of American Frame Styles"

Robin Tichane--"Applying the Theory of Solubility Parameters to the Everyday Cleaning of Painting"

Scott Haskins--"Conservation of Artistic and Historic Works Important to Utah Collections"

David Shepherd--"The Fading of Color Motion Picture Films"

Sam Pellicori--"The Shroud of Turin Research Project 1978 Investigation Summary"

Of great interest to all attending was the presentation by David Shepherd (Educational Coordinator for the Directors Guild in Hollywood), on the Fading of Color Motion Picture Films. Mr. Shepherd showed excellent examples of technicolor film that have survived the rigors of time, as well as some of the inherent vice of nitrate based motion picture film. The dimensional instability of color films was graphically demonstrated.

Sam Pellicori, Optical Physicist with the Santa Barbara Research Institute, reported on the 1978 Shroud of Turin Research Project which included such non-destructive investigations as: U.V., I.R., visible reflectance spectrophotometry and photography, microscopy and x-ray fluorescence x-radiography, chemical testing and infrared thermography. The results are consistent with the idea that tampering by an artist, as proposed by Walter McCrone, is completely unsubstantiated.

It has been requested that Victoria Blyth Hill's presentation on the treatment of Leonardo da Vinci manuscript be presented at the AIC Milwaukee Conference, covering in more detail the testing of the encapsulation and modification of this process.

Thank You...

The 1981 WAAC Conference at the Huntington Library in San Marino was both well attended and smoothly run. The 1981 officers of WAAC wish to thank the staff of the Huntington Library for their truly magnificent help in making this meeting successful. I would personally like to thank Ron Tank, Senior Paper Conservator at the Library for his assistance as well as his assistant, Carol Young, who during the year served as WAAC's Secretary/Treasurer. It was only with Carol's help that both the membership and fiscal organization did not give me the kind of grief I most dread.

James Druzik, President, WAAC

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