Volume 3, Number 1, Feb. 1981, p.3



Scott M. Haskins, Conservator at the Laboratory of Fine Arts at Brigham Young University and Brook A. Bowman, Conservator for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the Utah Fine Arts Council, recently participated in the McCrone workshop sponsored by the University of Utah Natural History Museum.

Los Angeles

James Druzik, Paper Conservator of the Norton Simon Museum has joined the staff of the Conservation Center of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on January 15, 1981. His title is Assistant Conservator of Paper, sharing responsibilities with Victoria Blyth in the Paper Lab.

Pat Reeves, Textile Conservator at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, recently returned from an NEA funded trip to Eastern Europe for an exchange of information and techniques of textile conservation. After attending the IIC meeting in Vienna, Ms. Reeves' survey took her to Finland, Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Romania. She hopes to present her report of this trip, complete with slides, at the next ICOM meeting in Ottawa in September of 1981.

Zora Pinney will participate in a panel discussion concerning "Standards: Materials and Practice" at the College Art Association meeting in February in San Francisco. Her position as a panelist will be related to methods of identifying and understanding the components of contemporary commercial artists' oil and acrylic paints in order to assure a greater longevity for works of art.

Sharon Donnan has completed her Mellon Fellowship and has returned to the Museum of Cultural History, UCLA. She will be heading the textile conservation program and working with Conservator Benita Dumpis preparing the "Arts of the Philippines". This exhibit will open May 15th in Hawaii and will travel to UCLA. Wight Gallery in early October.

George Wight, Assistant Conservator in the Conservation Center at LACMA, is leaving the lab and is moving to Seattle, Washington. After almost ten years with the Museum, we in the Conservation Center are going to miss his stabilizing presence, thoughtful solutions and one liners. George's genius for simplicity in problem-solving cannot be replaced.


Christine Young, Photographic Conservator at the RMRCC, will be a speaker at the meeting of the Photographic Materials group of the AIC. The meeting will be held February 5-7 in Austin, Texas. Ms. Young has also submitted a grant proposal to the National Museum Act to survey photographic collections in the Midwest, Southwest and the East coast.

The data gathered will represent the condition of various photographic materials and provide the basis for establishing humidity standards which are specific to the storage of photographs. Observations seems to indicate that low levels of RH promote the preservation of photographs.

Jeanne Brako, a professional conservation intern from the NYU Conservation Program will be spending her internship year at the RMRCC under the direction of Charles Patterson, Ethnographic Conservator.

Charles Patterson is teaching a class on the Care of Collections and Curatorial Conservation for the Graduate Students in the Museum Studies Program at the University of Denver.

Historic Denver is giving a series of lectures on preservation. Carl Grimm, Christine Young and Charles Patterson will be the guest lecturers on topics related to their areas of specialization.


Bettina Raphael, private conservator, has moved her business from Durango, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico. She can be reached at the School of American Research where she is doing contractual work.

Pam Randolph Young, Paper Conservator and graduate of the Cooperstown Program, has moved her private practice from Grand Junction, Colorado to the east coast.

Elizabeth Welsh, a Winterthur Conservation Graduate now living in Riverton, Wyoming, is working on an RMRCC contract to do consultation and remedial treatments at the Delores Dam Project, Cortez, Colorado. The Center has been working with the Project for four years helping with the Indian artifact excavation before the area is flooded by the dam.


Northern California Art Conservators, Inc., a group of conservators in private practice has developed a professional organization offering services in painting, paper and textile conservation.

While retaining individual facilities, the members function as a group providing educational programs and on-site services as well as examination and treatment of works of art. The members include:

James Alkons - Conservator of Paintings
Inge-Lise Eckmann - Conservation of Art on Paper
Carmela Simons - Conservator of Textiles
Nancy Sloper - Conservator of Textiles
Philip Vardara - Conservation Framing, Gilding, Specialized Fabrications
Main Office Location: 2737 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95818

San Diego

BACC has been elected to serve as a voting member of the National Conservation Advisory Council for a two year term. They look forward to receiving input from WAAC members and will endeavor to keep them informed about NCAC activities.

WAAC President, Sarah Fisher, has accepted the position of Associate Painting Conservator at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.. and will leave San Diego at the end of April to assume her new duties.

Bruce Kamerling has been appointed curator of the San Diego Historical Society. The Historical Society has begun a project to catalogue and assess conservation needs for their collection of 19th and 20th century costumes.

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