Volume 2, Number 3, Sept 1980, p.4


Los Angeles

William R. Leisher has come to Los Angeles to assume the position of Head of Conservation for the Conservation Center of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, as of August 25, 1980. As Assistant Conservator of Paintings at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., from 1974 to the present, Bill was involved in the design and construction of the new conservation complex and advised on lighting control problems in the new East Building of the National Gallery.

As well as working on the National Gallery collection, he was particularly involved in the environmental control, unpacking, inspection of condition, installation, and treatment of objects and paintings in many of the major loan exhibitions to the Gallery. He has been an active lecturer over the years at the Gallery and is in the process of writing a handbook on conservation photography which the National Gallery intends to publish. With the arrival of Bill Leisher. Jim Greaves will leave his County position, but will remain associated with LACMA on a part-time basis as Senior Paintings Conservator. This change will enable Jim to increase his commitments as Consulting Conservator at the Huntington Art Gallery in San Marino, and leave more time for developing Conservation Services, a private business providing conservation assistance to public and private collections as well as for special consulting on environmental, design and transport problems. Jim has also been appointed a visiting lecturer at the University of California at Los Angeles and Cal State University, Fullerton.

San Francisco

Robin Tichane, an active member of WAAC, announces that he has finished his first draft and photographs for a book, Technical Photography of Paintings, and is organizing panels on art conservation for the 1981 National Meetings of the College Art Association, the Western Association of Art Museums, and the American Society of Appraisers. He will be giving a lecture entitled "When Your Painting Goes Snap, Crackle, and Pop" for Heritage (San Francisco's foundation for architectural preservation) at the Haas-Lilienthal House on November 11, 1980. Other lectures will be presented at Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, and Mills College during the coming school year.

San Diego

Balboa Art Conservation Center announces the departure of Betsy Court to accept a year's position at The Hamilton Kerr Institute. Wendy Bennett, BACC volunteer apprentice, is leaving to study organic chemistry in Pittsburgh for the fall, and will then work with Katherine Eirk at the NCFA for the winter and spring. Candy Kuhl has returned from a lengthy sojourn in England to resume her position as volunteer apprentice.


Jack C. Thompson has been busy in Portland enlarging his Conservation Laboratory, conducting a week long Training Seminar in Basic Book and Paper Conservation, September 15-19 (unfortunately too late to be announced in this Newsletter) and completing the second phase of a projected four phase investigation of non-aqueous leather consolidants.

Carol Young is training with Ron Tank at the Huntington Library and Art Gallery in San Marino, as of June 1, 1980. Through a grant, Ron Tank has just received his long awaited suction table manufactured by Peter Cralson Inc. and is reporting great success in the treatment of parchment and vellum. Mel Kavin of Kater- Crafts Bookbinders in Pico Rivera has been elected the new President of the Library Binding Institute at the association's 45th Annual Convention in Longboat Key, Florida.

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