Volume 2, Number 2, May 1980, p.4



Christine King Young, 1978 Winterthur graduate, will be joining the staff of the Rocky Mountain Regional Conservation Center in June as Conservator of Photographs. Resides her interest in photographs, her degree in anthropology and studies in paper and painting should make her a valuable addition to the RMRCC staff.

The Rocky Mountain Regional Conservation Center is a nonprofit agency founded by the University of Denver in 1977 to provide conservation services to collections of artistic and historic works in the Rocky Mountain-High Plains Region. The region includes Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona and Montana. The present staff consists of: Arne Hansen, Director; Charles Patterson, Chief Conservator; Emmett Carl Grimm, Paintings Conservator; Connie R. Wanke, Conservator of Works of Art on Paper; Ann Shaftel, Conservator of Fine Arts Objects; and Meredith Gilbert, Business Manager.


The Portland Art Museum has hired Sonja Sopher from the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art in Kansas City, Missouri as their new conservator. Ms. Sopher will begin working in the lab in May.


Jack Lucas reports that after eighteen years, he has completely gutted and remodeled his conservation laboratory.

San Francisco

Ten Oikawa-Picante is on a four-month leave of absence in order to use up accumulated overtime. In her absence. Judith Rieniets and Bruce Miller will be working in the lab of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The paintings conservation lab will be open for AIC members on the Saturday of the conference.

Hilah Selleck, MA graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, is currently working in the painting conservation lab at FAMSF as research assistant for historical and technical information on paintings undergoing treatment.

Debbie Evans of the Winterthur Museum-University of Delaware program and Margaret Lawson from the Cooperstown graduate program will do their internships in paper conservation with Robert Futernick at the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

Patty Morris, Cooperstown intern, also working with Robert Futernick, has been working on methods for repair and lining of delicate pastel paintings. Suction is used to hold torn edges in place during the mending process. A suction wand is also employed to help adhere lining paper, if additional support is required.


Lynne Gilliland has been appointed as technical assistant in the treatment of documents and works of art on paper in the paper conservation lab at the Pacific Regional Conservation Center in Honolulu.

Natalie Firnhaber, graduate of the Institute of Archaeology of London University, has joined the staff of PRCC as Objects Conservator.

Ruth Norton was selected for a nine-month period to direct the Ford Foundation supported Conservation Program at the National Museum of the Philippines. During her absence. William Phippen of the Peabody Museum, Salem, has been appointed as Objects Conservator at PRCC.

Los Angeles

David Bull, previously Head Painting Conservator at the J. Paul Getty Museum, has become Museum Director at the Norton Simon Museum. He will be heavily involved with acquisition of art works. Mr. Bull worked privately in the field of conservation in England for thirteen years prior to his year-and-a-half at the Getty. Mr. Bull is an elected fellow of the International Institute for Conservation, as well as being President of the Western Association of Art Conservators.

Susan Webster Page has been appointed Acting Head of Painting Conservation at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Pat Reeves, Textile Conservator at LACMA, has received an NEA Grant for "The Exchange of Information and Techniques in Textile Conservation." She will visit museums in eastern Europe, including Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Romania, after attending the IIC meeting in Vienna in September.

Pat Reeves gave a talk on "Conservation of Archaeological Textiles" at a meeting of the Southwest Anthropological Association held in San Diego, April 9-12, under the sponsorship of the Museum of Man and the San Diego State University.

Fernande Jones, Assistant Textile Conservator at LACMA has been invited to Como, Italy by the Centro Italiano per lo Studio del Tessuto. Ms. Jones will discuss textile conservation at LACMA and demonstrate ways of caring for the Italian textile heritage. She will leave in September and return late October, after visiting textile laboratories in England, Portugal and Spain.

Sharon Donnan, Mellon Fellow in Textile Conservation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has gone to Peru for three months. She will be doing field conservation at the excavations of what is believed to be the last Moche habitation site near Lambayeque. Sharon's husband, Dr. Christopher Donnan of the University of California at Los Angeles, will be in charge of the excavations.

The textile section of the Conservation Center at LACMA will have two new members in September. They are Cathy McLean, who will Winterthur Museum-University of Delaware. The other is Nancy Wyatt, a graduate of the Winterthur Museum-University of Delaware Program who has just finished her internship at New York University. She comes for two and a half years as a Mellon Fellow. Nancy is well known to the staff at LACMA, as she served as an apprentice before entering graduate school.

Ron Tank reports on activities at the Huntington Library in San Marino. A new wing for the bindery, photography lab and the paper conservation lab is under construction. Projected completion date is May 1981. Ron is also expecting the arrival of his new suction table.

Bettina Jessell, a private conservator from London, will be the second guest painting conservator at the J. Paul Getty Museum from May 26 through June 20, 1980.

Pia De Santis has been accepted in the Conservation Program of the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University. Pia has volunteered three days a week for the past eight months in the Conservation Center at LACMA working with Victoria Blyth in Paper Conservation. The other two days she has been working with Judith Meller, a private paintings conservator. Pia will begin at NYU in September, after spending the summer working at the Fogg with Marjorie Cohn.

Leslie Kruth has been accepted in the Advanced Level Training Internship program at Harvard's Fogg Art Museum. She will be working in the Paper Conservation lab for a semester next year.

Billie Milam, Objects Conservator of the Conservation Center at LACMA will be giving a lecture on "Modern Bronzes: Materials, Techniques and Inherent Vice" at the International Symposium on the Conservation of Contemporary Art. The Symposium will be held July 7-12 at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

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