Volume 2, Number 2, May 1980, p.3

Label Update


We have had some positive response on the Conservation Treatment Label, including a request by the Washington Conservation Guild to reprint the form proposed in the February Newsletter. Frankly, however, there has not been enough interest to warrant an investment of WAAC funds in a preliminary printing. We believe the forms can be printed at a nominal cost that most members would be willing to absorb. Therefore, on the enclosed Dues/ Nomination forms you will find a section for indicating the number of labels you would desire in an initial order. If response is adequate we will proceed with printing to make them available at the October meeting.

Regarding the Conservation Treatment labels we wish to raise one potential problem. Until the WAAC comes to grips with the questions of professional membership categories and minimal procedures for membership selection, such labels may be used to imply a legitimacy to substandard practitioners. It might also be argued that knowing what a substandard practitioner may have done might still be worth that risk! Perhaps we can add a disclaimer such as "the WAAC in no way warrants the quality of appropriateness of treatments herein recorded." If you feel strongly about this issue of potential misrepresentation, please contact Jim Greaves immediately. Otherwise, you may indicate your interest on the enclosed combination return form.

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