Volume 2, Number 1, Feb 1980, p.2

Special Projects

Los Angeles

Zora Pinney has completed a preliminary questionnaire and study to assist the ISCC (Inter-Society Color Council) Subcommittee 37 and the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Committee Dol. 57 in evaluating the requirements to be established as a Voluntary Standard by the manufacturers of artists' oil, acrylic paints and related materials.

Two additional studies are in process: 1. directed to artists, in an effort to elicit information they consider necessary, from the manufacturer, in using the materials; and 2. directed to conservators, to determine what information they consider necessary, from the manufacturer to conserve or repair contemporary oil or acrylic works of art.

All artists' and conservators' participation in the study is invited. For information, or a copy of the questionnaire, please contact Zora Pinney, 1620 Euclid Street, Santa Monica, Calif. 90404 (213) 450-0796.

Provo, Utah

"Know What You See" will be presented in the Secured Art Gallery of the Harris Fine Arts Center on campus from April 26 to May 25, 1980.

Along with "Know What You See" a sister exhibit will be presented entitled "Historic Conservation and Restoration," in the B.F. Larsen Main Floor Gallery. This show will consist of an educational presentation of historically important works of fine art which have undergone conservation processes in the Conservation Laboratory of Fine Art here at Brigham Young University and will be presented through lectures, a wide variety of photographic documentation with some of the original works exhibited, and special tours for the handicapped.

Also, in the foyer of the Secured Gallery, an exhibit of rare book conservation will be exhibited through photographs and exhibition of the originals.

Another event that is being planned during the April-May exhibition period, is the Open House of our new, no longer temporary, Conservation Laboratory of Fine Arts which will take over the fourth floor of the F wing of the Harris Fine Arts Center and add a good amount of space to our program.

The Conservation Laboratory of Fine Arts at Brigham Young University has been entrusted the conservation work on two large historical murals located in the Union Pacific Railroad Station in Salt Lake City, Utah. The work will consist mainly of cleaning 1350 square feet of murals, but some consolidation will be necessary. The murals, oil on canvas applied to the wall, were painted in 1909 by San Francisco muralists J. McQuarrie and A.C. Wocker. Completion of the project is scheduled for spring, 1980.

San Francisco

A small painting conservation exhibition of recently completed work is on view at the de Young Museum, with explanatory text of the condition and treatment, photographs, etc. Photographs of the treatment carried out were deliberately kept to a small scale as an experiment to see whether this may entice the curiosity of the public. It seems to be a successful experiment.

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