Volume 2, Number 1, Feb. 1980, p.1

State Senate Bill No. 668


In the last issue of the WAAC Newsletter (Vol. 1 No. 3, September) the details of the Senate Bill No. 668 were printed and a discussion was outlined. This law makes provision for the protection of an artist or the public against the defacement, mutilation, alteration or destruction of a work of fine art in the lawful possession of one other than the artist. At that time, the membership was asked to give input on the matter, but no responses were received.

The officers of this association felt that there might be serious repercussions for art conservators and that it would be worthwhile to obtain the advice of an attorney. Mr. Maurice Meyers, 6300 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90043, had already been in consultation with Denise Domergue on this subject and so Victoria Blyth and Jim Greaves met with him to discuss the possibilities of examining the bill and, if necessary, making amendments to it. Subsequently, on October 30, 1979, Mr. Meyers was instructed to proceed on behalf of WAAC, following further discussions between the outgoing and incoming officers.

Additional keywords: artists' rights, droite morale

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