Volume 1, Number 2, May 1979, p.4

Technical Exchange


Petroglyphs Recorded

In response to her slide illustrated lecture at the WAAC Meeting in April, Georgia Lee, Curator of Rock Art Archives at the Institute of Archaeology, U.C.L.A. has submitted a short description of a recording technique which they use for petroglyphs [rock engravings]. "Petroglyphs can be recorded by a tedious but very successful method of casting molds formed by layers of liquid latex. The finished product completely replicates the original. "Layers of latex are painted over the surface which is to be duplicated; when dry, the resulting mold can be removed to a more convenient location for casting [sites are seldom in "convenient" places]). The casting is made using a 17th century paper mache technique developed in France. The finished product, which has the texture of rock, is carefully painted to replicate the original patination, as well as lichen or any other variation in the stone. "This method has been successfully used where sites will be inundated by hydraulic projects, or impacted in some way by construction work, or simply to make an accurate record. "Displayed in museums or information centers, they are not only attractive but educational as well. A display such as this serves to increase awareness of the heritage of Native Americans and affords a glimpse into the rich ceremonial life of the original inhabitants of this country."

New Adhesive for Objects

Steve Poucher of the Norton Simon Museum of Art has informed us of a new adhesive with potential use for objects conservators. It's called Permabond's Quickbond 610 System and Steve says it has a wide variety of applications. Some advantages of the 610 System are: it is reversible in acetone; it has a three-minute drying time which allows for realignment of pieces; the final cured adhesive is translucent but generally undetectable. The local distributor is: Lusol Products, P.O. Box 4099, El Monte, Calif. 91734, (213) 443 7983. (Ask for specification sheet.) If you have had any experience with this product and would like to exchange thoughts please contact WAAC or Steve Poucher.

Kodak Print Lacquer

I am interested in exchanging information on Kodak Print Lacquer. If you have any information or experience with this product, please contact Victoria Blyth in care of the WAAC mailing address.

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