Volume 1, Number 2, May 1979, p.1

WAAC Founder Resigns As Lab Head


At the end of March, Ben B. Johnson, went on a disability retirement from his position as Head Conservator of the Conservation Center at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Ben founded the Conservation Center in 1967 after coming West from the Freer Gallery of Art. He did much to proselytize and pioneer the way for the development of art conservation on the West Coast. Until other facilities were developed the Los Angeles County Museum of Art lab provided services to institutions and private collectors up and down the coast, introducing many of them to modern conservation.

Ben was instrumental in founding the WAAC in 1975 and has long represented Western interests on the national level. He intends to remain an active representative with both the AIC and NCAC and will continue as a consultant and teacher; however, he looks forward to spending a great deal of time pursuing his own interests as a painter. We give him our best wishes and look forward to working further with him.

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