Volume 1, Number 1, Feb. 1979, p.4



Rocky Mountain Regional Conservation Center--Bettina Raphael will be resigning her position as Director on January 31. She will remain on the staff as Conservator of Objects. Carl Grimm is currently Paintings Conservator at the Center. The RMRCC is now advertising for a Director/Chief Conservator and expects to announce an opening for a Paper Conservator in the near future.

Fort Worth

Anne Rosenthal, Associate Conservator of Paintings at the Kimbell Art Museum, will be leaving at the end of February when she will go to San Francisco on an NEA Grant for advanced study of paper conservation with Keiko Keyes.

Fred Koszewnik of the Cooperstown Conservation Program has just begun a one year internship with Perry Huston at the Kimbell Art Museum. Tom Portue, now interning with Jim Bernstein and Inge- Lise Eckmann in San Francisco, will spend one month with Perry Huston in March.


Recently returned from Iran, Ruth Norton joined the staff of the Pacific Regional Conservation Center in mid-December. Ruth is a graduate of the Winterthur program and will be concentrating on objects conservation in Honolulu.

Los Angeles

Mrs. Pat Reeves, Textile Conservator of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has just returned from a two-year Fulbright Fellowship in Lima, Peru where she established a textile conservation laboratory and trained Peruvian students in the National Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology. Mrs. Reeves went to New York in early December, where she lectured and did demonstrations for the class at the Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.

Miss Nina Rayer, who is in her senior year in Conservation Graduate School at Winterthur, University of Delaware, is serving her internship in textile conservation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu is pleased to welcome to its staff David Bull. who will hold the position of Head Painting Conservator. Before joining the museum, Mr. Bull worked privately in the field of conservation in England for thirteen years. During this time he worked for museums and galleries as well as private collectors and dealers throughout Europe, Great Britain and the United States. Mr. Bull, who attended the West of England College of Art in Bristol, served as apprentice restorer at the City Art Gallery in Bristol. He later joined the conservation department at the National Gallery in London. Mr. Bull is an elected fellow of the International Institute for Conservation.

Patrice Pinaquay, the museum's Conservator of Decorative Arts, will be serving a three-month apprenticeship under Marcel Margaine, world-reknown expert in the restoration of Oriental lacquers. Mr. Pinaquay will join Mr. Margaine in his workshop in Paris in July of this year and will remain until mid-October learning the techniques of this rare art.

The Antiquities Conservation Department, headed by Zdravko Barov, is pleased to welcome three new part-time conservation assistants to its staff. They are Jerry Podany. Barbara Paulson, and Tracey Cooper.

John Griswold. who joined the museum as a volunteer in Antiquities Conservation in September of 1977. has been accepted to the Hamilton Kerr Institute's Conservation Training Program. This January, Mr. Griswold will leave for Cambridge, England where he will begin the three-year course. The Institute, which is affiliated with the University of Cambridge awards a Certificate in the Conservation of Easel Paintings upon successful completion of the program.


The new student assistant at the Portland Conservation Laboratory is Joan Samuels, a 1978 graduate of Bryn Mawr College.

In October, Betty Engel and Susan Nash Munro gave a lecture demonstration of mounting techniques and framing of paper objects and paintings for the Northwest Picture Framers Association.

Susan Nash Munro is in private practice in Portland, Oregon specializing in conservation of paper and ethnographic objects. She recently completed a conservation survey of costumes and historical and ethnographic objects at the Oregon Historical Society.

Jack Lucas, a private painting conservator in Vancouver, Washington, is presently working on several icons from St. Michael's Cathedral, Sitka, Alaska.

San Diego

Laura J. Juszczak is a one-year intern at the Balboa Art Conservation Center Laboratory and is a third year student of the art conservation program at Winterthur. Her research has been incorporated into a published paper: "Applications of Novel Drying Techniques for Conservation of Water-Soaked Documents."

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