Software packages

This packages are provided to the conservation community because someone expressed in interest in them. No warranties, no promises, no regrets...

Chris Stavroudis
The Modular Cleaning Program
Ver. 3.18 (updated Oct 2009)

"The Modular Cleaning Program is a new database system for the cleaning of artworks. This system has been developed to assist conservators in their approach to cleaning with solvents, solvent gels or water-borne systems. While developed from the perspective of paintings conservation, the methodology is universal and applicable to any cleaning environment.

"The Modular Cleaning Program synthesizes established theory and materials in conservation practice into an organized schema. The Program is a new tool to make complicated chemistry accessible to the experienced conservator, allowing him or her to focus on the aesthetics of a sensitive cleaning and not be mired in either endless solution preparation nor limited by a narrow set of familiar cleaning solutions."

Walter Henry
All programs are for DOS or Windows in Console Mode.
A tool for determining blends of solvents matching target fractional solubility parameters. This is an early (1989) version, and very limited version. A new version is in the works, but there is no ETA.
Randoms, A sampling tool for library surveys, 1991

Mark Ormsby
Solvent Solver: A Calculator for Working with Teas Fractional Solubility Parameters

Josep Sau
Beat, a wonderful thesaurus manager (for DOS). If you do any kind of vocabulary control work, you should check this out.

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