Commercial Services, Suppliers, etc.

Conservation services are also provide by some Not For Profit organizations, such as regional conservation centers. These are listed on Organizations involved with / Allied to Conservation

See also Finding People In and Around Conservation and, especially, Finding a Conservator

The following are links to online resources offered by commercial entities. They are listed here as a service to the conservation community. Listing here does not imply endorsement of any products or services offered by these firms, nor does absence of a listing imply any criticism of a product or service. Please reread that sentence. Now read it again. Thanks.

If you know of a web-accessible resource offered by a commercial entity that you think would be of value to professionals involved with the conservation of museum, archive, or library materials, please send the URL to

Resources at other sites


Analytic services
The Artifact Research Center (The ARC) (analysis and interpretation of archaeological and archived material)
Center for Art Materials Analysis, Inc. (chemical analysis of historic and cultural objects)
Crick Smith Conservation (architectural paint research, paint analysis, historic interiors)
Earlypaper (watermark imaging)
Editech (scientific examination of art objects, Florence, Italy)
Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, Inc. (analysis of fungi and bacteria, sampling products)
Fine Arts Expert Institute (FAEI) (IR reflectography, digital radiography, microscopy, pigment analysis)
Heritage Testing Ltd (Consulting historic buildings, environmental, and materials scientists)
Media Sciences, Inc. (data storage testing laboratory, training center, research facility)
McCrone Associates, Inc. (microscopy, microanalysis)
Lisa Oestreicheri (historic paint analysis)
Orion Analytical, LLC (Scientific examination and analysis of materials)
RTI Laboratories, Inc. (environmental and metallurgical/materials testing)
Thin Film Analysis, Inc (Rutherford backscattering analysis, hydrogen forward scattering analysis, channeling analysis)
Martin P. Weaver (wood analysis, leather analysis, carbon dating)

Conservation/Restoration Services
See also Bookbinding, Library binding above, as the distinction between binding and book conservation is indistinct
Aegis Restauro (historic preservation, art conservation)
Albion Conservation Consultancy (textiles conservation)
Alvarez Fine Art Services (art on paper conservation)
Linda Andrews (gilded objects, fine art)
Appelbaum and Himmelstein Fine Art Conservators (Fine arts conservation, decorative art, objects, paintings, surveys, museum construction and renovation, environmental planning)
Architectural Conservation Professionals (APC) (architectural conservation)
Artco art conservation and museum services
Art Conservation Solutions
Artlab Australia (art conservation)
artRest (sculpture conservation, painting conservation)
ArtWorks Conservation (Australia) (objects, metals)
Artworks Conservation (United Kingdom)
Aurora Lampworks (lighting restoration, custom lighting)
Lisu Adye (paper conservation)
Pilar Aguilar (paintings conservation)
American Conservation Consortium, Ltd. (conservation services)
Alinari Archives (photograph archives, appraisal, conservation)
Am'Arte Restauro Internationali (paintings conservation)
AOC Archaeology Group (conservation of archaeological material)
Kirsten Andreae (furniture conservation; wooden objects conservation)
Ancient Artways Studios (conservation of historic American Indian textiles, porcupine quillwork, beadwork)
Raechel Arenstein (objects)
Art Conservators Alliance (art conservation, collections management
Art Restorations, Inc. (paintings, frames, metals, objects, clocks)
ARTEX Fine Art Services (Art conservation, packing, shipping, installation, storage)
Artisans of the Valley (woodworking, furniture reproduction, conservation of antiques, homes, military relics)
Art Conservation de Rigueur (textiles, objects, anoxia)
Art Metal Conservation
The Art Shield. Antique Furniture Conservation and Restoration Online Services

Bainbridge Conservation (books, furniture, decorative objects)

Leena Bhasin (paintings conservation)
Atelier Boba (photograph conservation)
Atelier f�r Videokonservierung (video conservation)
Barry Bauman (paintings conservation)
Gudrun Aurand (Book and paper conservation)
Richard C. Baker (Rare books and paper documents)
Helen K. Bailey (book and paper conservation)
Miklos Bansaghi (paintings, polychrome sculpture)
Kieth Bantock (paintings conservation)
Ron Barbagallo (animation art conservation)
Barbis Fine Art Conservation (paper)
Linda Barone (Book conservation)
Barry Bauman (Conservation services exclusively for museums and non-profit organizations)
Ian Beaumont & Louise Drover (leather conservation)
Lawrence Becker (textile conservation)
Caroline Bendix (library materials conservation)
May Berkouwer Textile Conservation
Anthea Bisson (decorative arts restoration)
Blagbrough Galleries, Inc. (Fine art conservation)
Barbara Blanc (paintings)
Berta Blasi (art on paper conservation)
Atelier de Conservation Boissonnas (paintings, sculpture, metal, ceramics, glass, stone, ethnographic materials)
Bonsers (building restoration)
Book Restorations
The Book Craftsman (Family bible restoration, bookbinding)
Boston Art Conservation (conservation services)
Bowthorpe Restorations (Porcelain, China)
Nicolas Boyes Stone Conservation
Bradshaw and Whelan (Restoration and conservation of ceramics)
Jonathan Burden Restoration (furniture)
Camille Myers Breeze
Burica Fine Arts Conservation
Mary Bustin (conservation of modern and contemporary easel paintings)
C&H Bookbinding (book restoration, bible restoration)
David Canever (graphic materials, polychrome surfaces)
Cape Cod Scale Watercraft (conservation and restoration of antique shipmodels)
Carolina Conservation
Caryatid Conservation Services, Inc. (art conservation)
Cascadia Art Conservation Center
Marie Castel-Sehic (paintings conservation)
Century Art Glass (Stained glass conservation)
Chelsea Restoration Associates (painting conservation)
Christopher Clarkson (books, parchment, paper, manuscripts, early printed books and bookbindings)
Kimberleigh Collins-Peynaud (sculpture)
City of Angels Conservation (art, artifacts, architecture, monuments, sculpture)
ConservAsian Art Conservation Practice
Consuelo Chufani Zendejas (easel paintings, murals, sculpture)
Cleveland Conservation (paper conservation)
Cliveden Conservation Workshop Ltd (statuary, masonry, wall paintings, decorative arts)
CCco - Collections Care Co. (risk management, conservation management)
ConservArt (conservation treatment, analysis, framing, consulting)
Diana Coop (paper conservation)
The Conservation Center, formerly Chicago Conservation Center (paintings, paper, objects, murals, frames, gilded artifacts, textiles)
Conservation Letterfrack (wood, furniture)
Conservation Solutions Inc. (CSI) (industrial, historical, architectural, fine art)
Contemporary Conservation Ltd. (conservation of contemporary art)
Fernando Cortés Pizano (stained glass conservation)
David Cottier-Angeli (Jewelry)
Crown Fine Art (art conservation)
Cultural Preservation & Restoration (conservation of archaeological artifacts, wood, metal, stone, ceramic, glass, ethnographic materials, conservation assessments, surveys, freeze-drying services)
Curtis Fine Art Conservation (paintings conservation)
Ivan Cvejic (Conservation of gilded wooden objects)
Van Daalen Paperconservation Netherlands
Michael David (stained glass restoration)
Emily de Groot (textile conservation)
De Saram's (conservation of fine antiquities and art objects)
Dharohar Art Conservation Center
De Saram's Incorporated (wood and stone conservation)
Sif Dagmar Dornheim (paper)
Guy Downing (paintings, paper and frame, conservation)
Restauratieatelier Dumarey (book and paper conservation, archives)
Antoinette Dwan (Paper conservation)
Eclipse Paper Conservation
ECS Conservation (books, art on paper, photographs) /dd>
Endangered Heritage Pty Ltd (textile conservation, collection management, archival supplies)
Eura Conservation Ltd. (indoor and outdoor metals conservation)
Evergreene Painting Studios, Inc. (Paintings conservation)
Facets (glass restoration)
Fallon & Wilkinson, LLC (furniture)
Faltermeier conservation - restoration (stone, sculpture, objects)
Lorraine Finch (conservation of archives materials)
Foley Conservation, (sculpture conservation, stone conservation)
Emily Fryer Conservation (objects conservation)
Dorure François Ferri�re (bookbinding)
The Fine Arts Conservatory (conservation services, analytic services, insurance)
Fine Arts Conservation, Inc.
Jonathan S. Fisher Art Conservation and Restoration (objects)
Sabine Fleischer (book conservation)
Carolyn Frisa (paper conservation)
Sayaka Fukuda> (book conservation)
Maria Alejandra Garavito Posada (photograph conservation)
Ingrid Gerritsen (metal conservation)
Simon Gillespie Studio (paintings conservation)
John Griswold Associates (public art, sculpture, architectural materials)
Graphic Conservation Company (art on paper)
Green & Cockburn Antique Restoration (clocks, furniture, gilding, carving)
Andrei Givotovsky (paintings conservation)
Lynn Lancaster Gorges (Textile consultant)
Jillian Gregory (paper conservation)
Mara Guglielmi (paper and photograph conservation)
La Fototeca (Conservation and management of photographics archives>
The LV. Greyes Partnership (textile and furnishings conservation)
Hai Yen Institute for Conservation of Works of Art (fine arts conservation)
Halahan Associates> collection management, conservation planning, project management)
Len Hambleton (clocks)
Hamilton Audio Restoration
Joseph Hammer (paintings conservation)
Jamie Hascall (mountmaking, training)
Scott M. Haskins (Fine Art Conservator)
Hayko (carpet and tapestry conservation)
Niclas Hein
Heather Henry (paper conservation)
Helicon Conservation Support (conservation project management, consultant)
Heritage Garment Preservation (wedding gowns, textile heirlooms)
Janet W. Hessling (surveys, consultation, mural treatment)
Het Blauwe Paard Restauratie Atelier (earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, glass, stained glass, plaster, ivory, enamels, stone, archaeological glass)
Mary Clerkin Higgins (stained glass)
Hirst Conservation (paintings conservation, architectural conservation)
Historic Plaster Conservation Services
Hudson & Salah (Paintings and paper conservation)
Integrated Conservation Resources (ICR) (architectural conservation)
Integrated Conservation Contracting (ICC) (contracting for historic houses)
International Conservation Services, Australia (artworks, objects)
IORUX Restorations (paintings conservation)

The Japanese Repository (ivory repair)
Jablonski Building Conservation, Inc (architectural conservation)
Jan C. Jasik (furniture conservation)
Craig Jensen (library conservation, limited edition bookbinding)
Mayda Jensen Conservation Services, Inc. (Conservation of three-dimensional art)
John Jones (papers)
Tina Kane (textile conservation)
Jonathan Kemp (stone, plaster, architectural plaster
Kept Art Restoration(Art conservation, diagnostic imaging, fine art photography
Kersten Bartels (photographs)
Keystone Preservation Group (historic preservation)
Nancy Knaap (paper, objects)
Sophia Kramer (book conservation, bookbinding)
Robert Kipp, (Conservation and restoration services, paper)
Kofile (paper, photographs, imaging)
Knops Boekrestauratie (restoration and conservation of books and paper)
Boris Kobrin (digital photograph restoration, books, documents)
Uri Kolodny (Restoration of books, scrolls)
(KOP Papierrestauratie)
KoskerTraditional Rug Repair
Roger Kossann (furniture, wooden objects)
Kimberly Kotary (textiles conservation)
Sergey Kudryavtsev Bindery (book conservation)
Cyndie Lack (paintings conservation)
Landi Company (textile conservation)
Merel Lantman (painted surfaces conservation)
Lanzini Art Restorationi (paintings and frame conservation)
Leaf by Leaf (book and paper conservation)
Martin Lehmann (conservation of medieval wall paintings)
David Laine (paintings, frames)
LCV Restauraciones (paintings, paper, murals)
Leonard's Book Restoration Station (book restoration, bookbinding, bible restoration)
Jennifer Lis (
Margje Leeuwestein (paintings conservation)
Rustin Levenson Art Conservation Associates (paintings)
Lis Art Conservation and Restoration Services (paintings conservation)
Audra Loyal (book restoration)
Carlijn Louwers (ceramics, glass)
Phil Lyons
Maleri-Konserveringsv�rkstedet (paintings)WWQQQ
Richard McCarty (clock restoration)
Anthony Moore Painting Conservation
McKay Lodge, Inc. (Paintings, paper, sculpture, objects)
Brian McLaughlin (paintings conservation)
MCP Conservation (paintings, contemporary art)
Paul Messier (Photograph conservation; Paper conservation)
Militello Art Conservation (fine arts conservation, sculture conservation, consulting
Ann-Marie Miller (books and paper conservation, manuscript conservation)
Möbius art conservation (paintings and objects conservation)
Britt Christmas-M�ller (paintings)
Suzanne Morgan (book and paper conservation)
Martina Moritz (book and paper conservation)
Ian and Angela Moor, The Centre for Photographic Conservation (photograph conservation)
James Moss Clockmakers, Inc.
Movie Poster Page Encapsulation Service
Kathleen M�hlen Axelsson (book and paper conservation)
Museum Conservation Services, Ltd. (graphic works on paper)
Borislava Nacheva (paintings, contemporary art, icons, polychrome wood)
Nishio Conservation Studio (asian paintings)
Howard Newman (restoration of metal objects)
New Orleans Conservation Guild (painting, stone, wood, paper, book, furniture, frames, porcelain, ceramic, gilding, glass, analysis)
Graham Newton (audio restoration)
Olga Nikolic-Litwin (easel paintings, icons)
Nancy Nitzberg (book conservation)
Nordic Creations Inc. (furniture restoration)
Nordisk Konservering (architecture, paintings, furniture, frescoes)
Sarah Norris (book and paper conservation)
Northern States Conservation Center (collection care, preservation and conservation treatment services)
Northwest Art Objects Conservation (restoration, conservation, consultation, collection management)
Numismatic Conservation Services (coin conservation)
Martin O'Brien (furniture restoration)
Old World Restorations, Inc. (art, antiques, silver)
Oliver Brothers (art restoration, frame restoration)
Oriental Rug Repair Co. (Navajo rug repair and cleaning)
Elaine Owers (textile conservation)
Alma Ortolan (fine art restoration)
Page Conservation, Inc.) (paintings conservation)
Paperworks, Studio for Paper Conservation (fine art conservation services)
Jeff Peachey (book conservation)
Christorpher Pickup (objects conservation)
Ponsford, Ltd. (sculpture, monuments, marine artifacts, paper, photographs, wood, porcelain)
Lionel Powell (architectural conservation)
Shelley Reisman Paine Conservation (objects, sculpture)
Panter & Kmiotek (Furniture and wooden object conservation)
Parasmoon Company Restoration Department (restoration of historical buildings, cultural works, books, archives,documents)
Parker Studios (pottery restoration)
Parma Conservation (fine art conservation, paintings, murals, frescoes)
Sarah Peek (ceramics, glass, enamels)
Prevart (heritage conservation; textiles conservation)
Prevarti (paintings, polychrome sculpture, paper)
Mauro José Pereira (fans)
Soline Pesme (paintings conservation)
Plowden & Smith (fine arts, decorative arts)
Pure Conservation (natural history conservation)
Quarto Conservation (book and paper conservation)
Herbert Read (Conservation of stone, ceramics, plaster paint, wood)
Redbone Bindery (book conservation)
Jessica Régimbald (book and photograph conservation)
James Reid-Cunningham (book conservator)
ReNewell, Inc. Fine Art Conservation (paper conservation, 19th century paintings)
Restauro Arte Del Legno (restoration of carved wood)
Ruelle's, (furniture restoration, appraisal)
Sasha Snoj (stained glass, wallpaintings, fine art)
Savino Del Prete (furniture)
Schempp (Book and paper restoration)
S/R Laboratories animation art conservation center
Stanley Conservation (Book repair, book restoration)
Maria José Távora (Book restoration and library conservation)
MacDowell Restorations (conservation of antique dolls, ceramics and glass)
Kerstin Petersson (textiles)
Maria Pukowniki (Fine art and paper conservation)
R-Craft (bookbinding, archive conservation)
Rele (bookbinding)
Linda S. Roundhill (objects)
Sara Ruiz de Diego (book and paper conservation)
Sabino Conservation (glass, decorative stone, plaster, enamel, ivory, ceramic)
Melanie D. Sanford (textile conservation)
Maria Scarpini (paintings conservation)
Stephan Schëfer (paintings, contemporary art)
Maria Valentina Sheets (objects conservation).
Sculpture Conservation Studio
Art Shifrin (audio restoration)
Specs Bros (videotape restoration)
Katrine Strandskogen Scharffenberg (paintings conservation)
Schermer Restauratie Atelier (ceramics, glass, porcelain)
Standard Chemical, Inc. (restoration products)
Thomas Schoeller (paintings, polychrome sculpture)
Barbara Schmelzer (books)
Conrad Schmitt
Michael J. Sheppard (stone, decorative surfaces)
Saskia Smulders-de Jong> (furniture, wood)
SOLFAR (paper conservation)
Femke Segers (paper conservation)
Special Collections Conservation Services, Inc. (paper, parchment)
South Florida Art Conservation (paintings, paper, sculpture, objects)
Gwen Spicer (textiles conservation)
Kiffy Stainer-Hutchins (paintings)
Harriet Standeven (paintings)
Kate Stanway (obects conservation)
David Stein & Co. (paintings conservation)
Stillwater Textile Conservation Studio, LLC
Studio TKM (paper conservation)
Studio Six Art Conservation (objects conservation)
Sturge Conservation Studio (leather conservation, mosaics, wall paintings, antiquities, replicas)
Marcin Szymczykowski (paintings conservation, sculpture conservation)
Textile Conservation Ltd
Thompson Conservation Laboratory
Triptych (books, archives, paper)
Tsöndrü Thangka Conservation
Tudhope Conservation Studio (paper, photographs, parchment)
Rita Udina (paper conservation)
Deborah Uhl and Creative Conservation Collective (murals, wall paintings, theatre curtains, ghost signs
University of Dundee Conservation Unit (conservation of library, archive materials, art on paper, surveys)
Vagabond Portfolios and Restorations (conservation of paintings, clocks, period frames)
Josee Van Loon (books, archives, paper, leather, parchment)
Caroline van der Elst (paintings)
Gloria Velandia (paintings conservation)
Vintage Ink and Paint (restoration of animation art)
Virginia Art Conservation and Restoration (paintings)
Timothy Vitale (photographic conservation, digital imaging, electronic capture, paper)
VL Custom Preservation House (photographic conservation, paper conservation, frame restoration, gilding)
Andy Waeyaert (book and paper conservation)
The Wallpaper Workshop
Washington Conservation Studio (documents, art on paper)
Leonora Okarma Weaver (prints, maps, fine arts)
Nancy Weaver (fine arts restoration)
Sabine Westerhuis (glass, porcelain, earthenware
Andrew Wheeler (Art on paper)
Judith Maria Wiesner (book and paper conservation)
Wiebold (Antique and art restoration)
Marianne Webb (objects conservation)
Weilheimer Conservation (fine arts and polychrome wooden structures conservation)
West Lake Conservators (Art conservation services)
WHConservation (historic objects conservation)
Catherine Woolfitt Associates
Whryta Contemporary Art Conservation
Robert E. Wynne-Jones (Paper conservation)
Xepa Digital (media preservation and restoration)
Yuri Yanchyshyn (furniture)
Wyatt Yeager (maritime conservation and archaeology)
Sophie Younger (textile conservation)
ZFB - Zentrum fur Bucherhaltung (mass deacidification, papersplitting, leafcasting, etc. for books and documents)
Katarzyna Zych (paper conservation)

Bookbinding, Library binding
See also Conservation/Restoration Services above, as the distinction between binding and book conservation is blurry

Acme Bookbinding
Jeffrey Altepeter (Hand binding)
Ann and Tom Bellino, The Bookmenders (bible restoration)
Bridgeport National Bindery, Inc
Cardoza-James Binding Company
Buchbinderei M. J. Decker, Bonn
Eden Workshops (bookbinding, tutorials, bible repair, equipment, supplies)
Felton Bookbinding
Ginesta & Gross (Bookbinding)
Denis Gouey (fine bookbinding and restoration)
HFGroup (Library binding, book conservation)
Houchen Bindery, Ltd. (Library binding, bible restoration)
Information Conservation, Inc. (ICI)
Kreps Bookbinding (Bookbinding, bibles, book restoration)
Long's-Roullet Bookbinders, Inc.
Max Marbles (Bookbinding, family bible repair)
Ateliers Muriel Maire (Bookbinding, restoration)
Buchbinderei Mende
Praxis Bookbindery
Brian Roberts The Book Doctor
Paul Sawyer (Hand bookbinding and restoration)
Traditional Book Arts (Bookbinding, Calligraphy)
Josee Van Loon (Fine Bookbinding, Conservation of Books and Archives Paper, leather and parchment)
Wallaceburg Bookbinding

Data Recovery Services/Data Disaster Prevention, Inc.
Adroit Data Recovery Centre
BinaryBiz (Data recovers software)
CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.
Data Analyzers (magnetic, optical media restoration)
Cherry Systems Data Recovery
Dataleach Data Recovery Services
Data Recovery Group
Data Recovery Labs
Data Recovery Net
Data Recovery Services
DriveSavers (data recovery)
ECO Data Recovery
Emag Solutions (data recovery, data conversion)
Excalibur Data Recovery
Flashback Data
Intra Computer, Inc. (Automated environmental monitoring and disaster prevention for computer and server rooms)
IntelliRecovery (data recovery)
LWG Data Recovery (data recovery and post-disaster restoration of electronic equipment)
Nucleus Data Recovery
Point A Studios (media conversion)
Renew Data Corp. (data recovery, media/data conversion, forensics)
Secure Data Recovery Services
Total Recall: The Data Recovery Company
Tri-Logic Systems

Disaster and Emergency Response Services
The Artifact Research Center - The ARC (freeze-drying)
Belfor Property Restoration (full range of services)
Blackmon Mooring Steamatic Catastrophe, Inc., BMS CAT (Desiccant dehumidification)
Cascade Restoration Services (water and fire damage recovery)
Disaster Services, Inc. (desiccant and refrigerant dehumidification, blast freezing)
Document Reprocessors (Disaster recovery services for water and fire damaged materials)
Freezedry Specialties, Inc.
Midwest Freeze-Dry Ltd. (Low pressure, Dielectric freeze drying)
Munters (Desiccant dehumidifiers, humidity control, water damage recovery)
Paramount Disaster Recovery, Inc. (Disaster response for facilities)
Priority One Mitigation (Quality Management System for property loss-mitigation)
ProDoc Srl (Prevention, emergency response, management, rescue and restoration of paper records and digital libraries)
Rosco (Canada) (Freeze Drying)
Ree-Construction (Structural and contents restoration)
See also ProText under Suppliers, below

Mass Deacidification
Battelle Ingenieurtechnik GmbH
CSC, S.L. (CSC Book Saver)
Libertec Bibliothekendienst GmbH
Neschen AG
Nitrochemie Wimmis AG (Battelle process)
Preservation Technologies, L.P. (Bookkeeper, Abbey pH pens)
Wei T'o Associates, Inc.
ZFB (Zentrum für Buch-Erhaltung GmbH (Battelle process)

Microfilming, Scanning, Imaging, Reformatting
AEL Data Management Services (Data conversion services)
Ken Allen Studios, L.L.C. (digitization, image editing, pigment ink printing, consulting)
Ataraxia Studio (carbon printing, pigment printing)
Challenge Industries, Inc (Preservation microfilming)
The Crowley Company (digital imaging and microfilming equipment, Zeutschel Microfilm Cameras and Scanners)
Del Mar Data (Data conversion services)
Factum Arte (Digital facsimiles)
Hi-Tech Export (data conversion, imaging, data archiving)
Hudson Microimaging (Preservation microfilming, digitization, microfilm digitization)
Image Mentor (document imaging, document management)
Just Black & White (Custom photographic processing lab, copying and enhancing
JJT Inc. faded salt and albumen prints, daguerreotypes, tintypes, ambrotypes etc.)
Laser3 (3d laser imaging, modelling and reproduction for museums)
Luna Imaging, Inc.
Muller Media Conversions, Inc. (Conversion Services, Systems, Consulting, Systems Migration, Litigation/Electronic Evidence/FOIA, Electronic Records Preservation, Document Managent, Migration, Custom Software Development)
Northeast DocumentSystems
Northern Micrographics, Inc. (Microfilming, imaging, document conversion, etc)
Pivotmedia (imaging, digital archiving, digital restoration)
Preservation Resources (preservation microfilming and scanning)
Ribuoli Graphics(digital imaging, digital printmaking)
Systems Integration Group, Inc. (SIG) (scanning, text conversion, SGML encoding)
VTLS Inc. (imaging services, indexing, web access interfaces and digitization)
Wyoming Cooperative Scanning Project
See also Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., below

Storage Facilities
Business Data Record Services
Christies Fine Art Storage Services
Iron Mountain (records storage)
Mana Fine Arts (fine arts conservation)
Naglee Fine Arts (Storage, shipping)
Hollywood Vaults (storage of film, tape, photographic and digital media)

Other Services
Ackermans Ambachtelijke schilderwerken (restoration painting)
ARG Conservation Services (conservation construction management)
Armour Systems
Articheck (condition reporting app
Art Preservation Services (APS) (consulting on environment)
Florence Bremond (manuscript illumination, illumination training)
Roberto Cavallini (Consultant engineer, display cases, environmental control, lighting, security)
ClickNetherfield Ltd (display cases, environmental control, lighting)
ELY, Inc. (moving, exhibitions, crate design, storage)
Garrison/Lull, Inc. (consultants, preservationenvironments for buildings)
Henry Hales Ltd (architectural joinery)
F.G. Horwarth Process Development(large scale anoxia)
John Leeke (historic preservation consultant, disaster information)
Multiform Studios/Exhibit Source (mount making and installation)
Thomas A. Parker (entomological services)
Protect Heritage Corp (cultural property risk assessment and management training, coaching and analysis)
Significance International (assessment, collection management consultants)
STEM: Technical Services and Equipment for Museums, Conservation and Restoration (preventive conservation, environmental monitoring and control, lab design and construction)
surroundart (installation, exhibition services, fabrication)
Thomas & Associates (staffing, consulting, art handling, training programs)
Transport Consultants International, Inc. (TCI) (art shipping)
Video-Aire Environmental Services (mold remediation, training, hazardous material abatement)
weddinggownpreservationkit> (wedding gown preservation)
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. (research, consulting, on fading etc, on photographic and digital images)


Books on conservation topics
Archetype Publications (Publishers and booksellers in conservation, archaeology, museum studies)
Butterworth-Heinemann Conservation & Museology (Conservation books)
Northern Lights Gallery, ApS (photographic books, conservation supplies)
Oak Knoll Books
Siegl's Bookstore
Ken Spelman Rare and Antiquarian Books

Dataloggers, Sensors, Measurement, and Monitoring Equipment
Ahlborn Mess- und Regelungstechnik (dataloggers)
AKPC (environmental monitoring equipment)
Apogee Instruments, Inc. (sensors, light and radiation measurement equipment)
Apprise Technologies, Inc. (UV measurement equipment, water quality sensors)
Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. (ASD)
ATP Messtechnik (dataloggers, measurement equipment
BioRenewal Technologies, Inc. (Environmental remediation and toxicity screening, Sensors and Dataloggers)
Campbell Scientifica, (sensors and dataloggers)
CAS Dataloggers (data loggers, temperature and humidity monitoring equipment)
The Cascade Group (wireless and standalone dataloggers)
CLIM - Climatic Laboratory Industrial Measurements (dataloggers, hygrothermographs)
DataGet (Dataloggers)
Dickson Monitoring Solutions (dataloggers, temperature and RH recorders)
ECD (dataloggers)
Eltek Limited (dataloggers)
Gamma Scientific (light measuring equipment)
Gigahertz Optik (Light measurement equipment, radiometers, photometers, color meters, etc.)
Hanwell Instruments Ltd (dataloggers, light meters, Scandles, environmental monitoring and control equipment)
International Light (Light measurement equipment)
Langan Products, Inc. (dataloggers)
Leitenberger Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH (environmental monitoring equipment)
LSTechnology (dataloggers, shock and vibration recorders)
Meaco (humidity monitoring and control equipment for museums)
Meilhaus Electronics (dataloggers, data acquisition equipment)
Meteronics Inc.(pH meters, measuring equipment)
MicroDAQ (dataloggers)
Modularm (freezer dataloggers)
Omega, (dataloggers, pH meters, etc)
Omni Instruments (dataloggers)
Onset Computer Corp, (dataloggers)
Pace Scientific (dataloggers, sensors)
PCE Instruments (dataloggers, measuring equipment)
Pinnacle Technology, Inc. (dataloggers)
Seven Telematics
Signatrol (dataloggers)
Solar Light Company, (light and radiation measuring instruments)
Solomat-Neotronics, (dataloggers)
Sper Scientific (temperature, humidity, UV and visible light measuring instruments)
Torpy Energy, (dataloggers)
T & D Corporation
Thunder Scientific (Humidity generators, data acquisition)
Veriteq Instruments Inc. (Dataloggers)
Zeta-tec (dataloggers, sensors)

Lambda, Inc. (Lasers for restoration)
Lynton Lasers (Lasers for cleaning stone, etc.)
art innovation (Laser applications for restoration)

Leather, Goldbeater's Skin, Collagen, Skin and Membrane products
Antique Leathers (for table lining and upholstery)
Harmatan's Leathers
J. Hewit & Sons Ltd. (tanners and leather dressers, also bookbinding tools, equipment)
Inden Witten Hasewint/Henk de Groot (Parchment, Goldbeaters skin)

General Scientific and analytic supplies
Advance Scientific & Chemicals, Inc. (chemicals, gilding supplies, patination materials, safety equipment, labware)
Beckman Instruments
Custom Scientific Instruments, Inc.
Fisher Scientific
Global Scientific Supply (lab equipment, scientific instruments)
grip - engineering (grips and fixtures for tensile testing)
Science Alliance
Sigma-Aldrich Co
Thomas Scientific

Other suppliers

Resources at other sites

A commercial directory devoted to "prov[ing] private and public collectors and institutions the knowledge and information necessary to find a conservator who will best treat an object in need of conservation."

Abby's Guide - Air Purifiers

"AntiqueRestorers.Com is a online community of restorers sharing ideas with each other and providing information and advice about the restoration and care of antiques, porcelain, furniture, glass, art, pottery, fine art, and fine art frames"

Briar Press Letterpress Classifieds (used printing equipment)

California Public Arts Association (CALPAA)
Online conservator outreach service

"The mission of the California Public Arts Association is to be the central station for the world's public art projects, artists and organizations supporting public art. California Public Arts Association online services provide planning, artist outreach, and project management for your public art creation and maintenance. CALPAA's online tools allow you to create works of fine art that your community will enjoy for many years to come. From parks to storefronts, public art has become part of a design for better urban living. We believe cities should be designed for people, not cars."

"Conservation module: conservator outreach with project documentation
"You are able to post conservation projects or conservator profiles free of charge as we are in beta. Conservators will never be charged for our service. Conservation agencies will be charged upon completion of our beta. Small and large conservation projects are organized so the conservation agency can search, view and notify conservators by region, project and conservator name in real time. We also have an artist outreach service and our patent pending conservation services are the only services of this kind in the world."

Industrial Quick Search Directory
Industrial Leaders directory

ISA Directory of Instrumentation OnLine
Measurement and Control Products and Services

John R. Gibbs
University of Washington Libraries
Audio Preservation and Restoration--Audio Restoration/Preservation Products and Services

Materials ConneXion

Material ConneXion maintains the world�s largest subscription-based materials library with more than 7,500 innovative materials and processes across all disciplines of design--an indispensable asset to a wide audience of users. Materials are selected through a strict review process--40+ new materials are independently juried into the library every month. 200+ universities across the globe are members."

Museum Workshop
"... the Museum Services Directory for workers, contractors and consultants in New Zealand museums and associated institutions. Use this site to find the specialists you need for your museum project"
Provides information on air monitoring equipment including reviews on laser particle counters (handheld, remote, systems, etc.) The reviews are done by manufacturers themselves from several of the top companies in the field, including IQAir and Lighthouse Preservation Businesses, Products & Services

"Resources for those working on a historic home project, planning a building restoration project, or those interested in hiring a historic consultant to complete a historic nomination or provide design services"

Search engine for manufacturers

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