Library of Congress Classification Values: Preservation Descriptors

Erich Kesse
AM141-148          Museum conservation methods
                   (General works of the American Institute for
                   Conservation, the International Institute for
                   Conservation and its groups are often
                   classified under this number.)
                   Also used for general works on Museology.

GA150.7            Reproduction, photocopying, etc. of maps

HD8039.B65         Bookbinders, Economic history
HD9155             Fibers industry, including plant fiber
                   processing for textiles and paper
HD9156.K66-.K663   Kenaf industry
HD9660.A4-.A44     Alkalies industry
HD9660.C4-.C43     Cellulose industry
HD9660.D84-.D844   Dyestuffs industry
HD9660.P27-.P274   Paper chemicals industry
HD9660.P3-.P33     Pesticides and Insecticides industry (see
                   also: HD9718.5.P47 for Pest control industry)
HD9660.P46-.P466   Plasticizers industry
HD9660.S73-.S734   Solvents industry
HD9660.T48-.T484   Textile finishing agents industry
HD9662.F54-.F543   Plastic film industry
HD9662.P58-.P583   Polyesters industry
HD9662.P6-.P63     Polyvinyl chloride industry
HD9697.M33-.M334   Magnetic tapes industry (see also:
                   HD9697.V54-.V544 for Video tapes industry)
HD9697.P65-.P564   Phonorecords industry
HD9697.V54-.V544   Video tapes industry (see also:
                   HD9697.M33-.M334 for Magnetic tapes industry)
HD9708             Photographic equipment and services industry
HD9718.5.P47       Pest control industry (see also:
                   HD9660.P3-.P33 for Pesticides and Insecticide
HD9718.5.W37-W374  Water purification industry
HD9718.5.W38-W384  Water purification equipment industry
HD9779             Leather tanning materials industry
HD9802.3           Copying machine industry
HD9802.4           Copying machine supplies industry
HD9802.4.T64       Toners (Xerography) industry
HD9820-9839        Paper industry (see also: TS1080 for Paper
HD9839.N4-.N44     Newsprint industry
HD9839.P3-.P34     Paperboard industry
HD9999.A4-.A44     Adhesives industry (see also: HD9999.G6 for
                   Glue industry)
HD9999.F5-.F54     Fire fighting equipment industry
HD9999.F55-.F554   Fireproofing industry
HD9999.G6          Glue industry (see also HD9999.A4-.A44 for
                   Adhesives industry)
HD9999.M47         Micrographics industry
HG9651-9899        Fire insurance industry

ML111.5            Sound recording libraries and materials
ML157.3            Phonotapes

N460               Museum heating, ventilation, and air
                   conditioning systems
N8530              Artists' materials (see also: NE976 for
                   Printmaking materials and Z272 for Bookbinding
N8543              Artists' tools (see also: NE977 for
                   Printmaking tools and Z272 for Bookbinding
N8555              Examination of art works
N8557              Mutilation, defacement, etc. of art works
N8558              Technical examination of art works (see also:
                   N8588 for Radiography of art works)
N8558.5            Deterioration of art works
N8560              Preservation and restoration of art works
N8560.5            Training of art restorers
N8580              Reproduction of art works
N8585              Handling, packing and inspection of art works
N8588              Radiography of art works (see also: N8558 for
                   Technical examination of art works)
N8750              Protection of art works
N9100-9165         Protection of art works, etc. during War
NC930              Examination, conservation and restoration of
NC1900             Copying, etc. of drawings
ND1510             Pigments, Colors
ND1535             Synthetic pigments and media
ND1630-1655        Examination, conservation, restoration and
                   preservation of paintings
ND1635             Technical examination of paintings
ND1640             Preservation and storage of paintings
ND1650             Restoration of paintings
ND2370             Fore-edge painting (Books and bookbinding)
ND2890-3416        Illumination of books and manuscripts
ND3327.G54         Gilding techniques in illumination
NE1-9999           Print making and media, including techniques
NE380              Examination, conservation and restoration of
NE400              Printmaking and engraving, general works
NE850-855          Printmaking and engraving techniques
NE976              Printmaking materials (see also: N8530 for
                   Artists' materials and Z272 for Bookbinding
NE977              Printmaking tools (see also: NE8543 for
                   Artists' tools and Z272 for Bookbinding
NE2250-2529        Lithography
NE2500             Chromolithography
NK1135-1149        Arts and Crafts Movement (in the United
                   Kingdom and the United States; may include
                   information on the revival of bookbinding and
                   related crafts)
NK2740             Bookshelf design
NK3660             Book ornamentation (see also: Z266-267 for
NK6200             Leather-working
NK8804             Textile-making techniques
NX635              Reproduction of works of art

QC350-467          Optics (see also TR220 for photographic
QC365-367          Optics, Laboratory manuals
QC369              Optics, Tables
QC373.L5           Light filtration and filters
QC391              Photometry; Microphotometry (including
                   Densitometric measurement)
QC417              Light/Lamp diffraction gratings
QC476.4-476.8      Luminescence
QC477              Fluorescence, Emission of radiation from
QC490              Other radiations (see also: QC793.5.A22-.A229
                   for Alpha radiation; QC793.5.B42-.B429 for
                   Beta radiation; QC793.5.G32-.G329 for Gamma
                   radiation; and QH652.4 for Ultraviolet
QC701-702          Ionization (see also: TP259 for Electrolysis
                   of water)
QC793.5.A22-.A229  Alpha radiation
QC793.5.B42-.B429  Beta radiation
QC793.5.G32-.G329  Gamma radiation
QC882              Atmospheric dust and pollution
QC915-917          Humidity measurement; Hygrometry; Psychrometry
QC916              Hygrometers; Psychrometers; other instruments
QC917              Hygrometric tables, etc.
QD139              Technical analysis (of textiles, papers,
                   films, etc.)
QD139.P6           Polymers, Technical analysis (see also: QD196
                   for Inorganic polymers; QD281.P6 for Organic
                   chemistry of polymers; QD380-388 for Organic
                   polymers; QD471 for Chemical structure of
                   polymers; TA455.P58 for Testing of polymers;
                   TP156.P6 for Chemical technology of polymers;
                   and TP1080 for Polymer technology)
QD139.T5           Textiles, Technical analysis (NOTE: Though
                   some materials may remain classed under this
                   number; the number has been replaced by
QD196              Inorganic polymers (see also: QD139.P6 for
                   Technical analysis of polymers; QD281.P6 for
                   Organic chemistry of polymers; QD380-388 for
                   Organic polymers; QD471 for Chemical structure
                   of polymers; TA455.P58 for Testing of
                   polymers; TP156.P6 for Chemical technology of
                   polymers; and TP1080 for Polymer technology)
QD281.A2           Organic chemistry of alkylation
QD281.H83          Organic chemistry of hydrolysis (see also:
                   QD501 for Physical chemistry of hydrolysis)
QD281.O9           Organic chemistry of oxidation (see also:
                   QD501 for Physical chemistry of oxidation)
QD281.P6           Organic chemistry of polymers (see also:
                   QD139.P6 for Technical analysis of polymers;
                   QD196 for Inorganic polymers; QD380-388 for
                   Organic polymers; QD471 for Chemical structure
                   of polymers; TA455.P58 for Testing of
                   polymers; TP156.P6 for Chemical technology of
                   polymers; and TP1080 for Polymer technology)
QD305.A2           Organic chemistry of acids and esters (see
                   also: QD341.A2 for Organic acids and esters)
QD341.A2           Organic acids and esters (see also: QD305.A2
                   for Organic chemistry of acids and esters)
QD380-388          Organic polymers (see also: QD139.P6 for
                   Technical analysis of polymers; QD196 for
                   Inorganic polymers; QD281.P6 for Organic
                   chemistry polymers; QD471 for Chemical
                   structure of polymers; TA455.P58 for Testing
                   of polymers; TP156.P6 for Chemical technology
                   of polymers; and TP1080 for Polymer
QD381.9.E48        Emulsion polymers
QD381.9.T54        Thermal properties of organic polymers
QD471              Chemical structure or polymers (see also:
                   QD139.P6 for Technical analysis of polymers;
                   QD196 for Inorganic polymers; QD281.P6 for
                   Organic chemistry of polymers; QD380-388 for
                   Organic polymers; TA455.P58 for Testing of
                   polymers; TP156.P6 for Chemical technology of
                   polymers; and TP1080 for Polymer technology)
QD501              Physical chemistry of hydrolysis and oxidation
                   (see also: QD281.H83 for Organic chemistry of
                   hydrolysis, and QD281.O9 for Organic chemistry
                   of oxidation)
QD541              Solubility
QD543              Theoretical chemistry of solubility
QD544              Theoretical chemistry of solvents
QD561              Hydrogen-ion concentration; pH
QD701-731          Photochemistry
QH652              Radiation, Effects of
QH652.4            Ultraviolet radiation, Effects of
QK601              Fungi, Anatomy and physiology of
QK647              Lignin in Wood (see also: QK898.L5 for Lignin
                   and TA421 for Wood, Chemistry)
QK865              Hemicellulose
QK898.C42          Cellulose (Botany) (see also: TS1544.C4 for
                   Cellulose fibers and QR160 for Cellulose
QK898.L5           Lignin (see also: QK647 Lignin in Wood and
                   TA421 for Wood, Chemistry)
QL353-355          Insect nomenclature
QL355              Insect nomenclature (popular)
QL469-491          Insects, Geographical distribution of
QL474-476          Insects in North America
QL477-481          Insects in Latin and South America
QL494-495          Insect anatomy, physiology, etc.
QL496              Insect behavior, etc.
QL496.2            Insect migration
QL496.7            Insect flight
QL503.8.L4         Lepisma saccharina (Silverfish)
QL505.5-505.82     Cockroaches
QL529-529.42       Termites
QL529.3.H6         Hodotermitidae (Dampwood termites)
QL596.A5           Anobiidae, Xestobium, Death watch beetles,
QL596.D4           Dermestidae, Attagenus, Carpet beetles, etc.
QL596.L2           Lyctidae, Powder-post beetles, etc.
QL737.R6           Rodents
QP702.P6           Biochemistry of Polysaccharides
QR82.M9            Mycobacteriaceae
QR101              Dust (Microbiology/Bacteriology)
QR133              Bacteria and effect on leather, paper,
                   textiles, etc.
QR160              Cellulose (Microbiology) (see also: TS1544.C4
                   for Cellulose fibers and QK898.C42 for
                   Cellulose (Botany))

R857.C6            Clean air systems (Biomedical engineering)
RA761-766          Disinfection, Fumigation and Fumigants
                   (including Health concerns)
RA761              Disinfection and Fumigation, general works
RA766              Disinfectants
RA766.E8           Ethylene oxide as a disinfectant and fumigant
RA766.F6           Formaldehyde as a disinfectant and fumigant
                   (see also: TP248.F6 for chemical technology)
RA766.R2           Radiation as a disinfectant and fumigant
RA766.R3           Refrigeration as a disinfectant and fumigant
RA1270.P4          Physiological effect of toxins on humans
                   (including: Bactericides, Disinfectants,
                   Insecticides, Pesticides, Poisons,
                   Rodenticides, etc.) (see also: SB932-951 for
                   Effect upon targeted Insects and Rodents)

SB741.D68          Downy mildew
SB741.D72          Powdery mildew
SB741.M65          Mildew
SB931              Economic etymology
SB932-933          Biological control of insects
SB933.3            Biological control of insects (General)
SB933.6            Insect sterilization
SB950.2-950.3      Local use of Insecticides, Fungicides,
                   Pesticides, etc.
SB950.9-950.95     Pesticides
SB950.95           Dictionaries of Pesticides
SB951              Insecticides, Fungicides, Pesticides, etc.
                   (including baits and repellents) (see also:
                   RA761-765 & RA1270.P4 for Health concerns
                   relating to humans)
SB951.145.B54      Biodegradation of Pesticides
SB951.145.C65      Controlled release of Pesticides
SB951.3            Fungicides
SB951.5            Insecticides
SB951.8            Rodenticides
SB952              Individual Pesticides, A-Z

T55.3              Industrial safety
T55.3.H3           Safety regarding hazardous substances
TA418.16           Brittleness of materials
TA418.64           Moisture meters, including psychrometers
TA419              Wood, General characteristics
TA421              Wood, Chemistry (see also QK647 for Lignin in
                   Wood and QK898.L5 for Lignin)
TA423.7            Termites and termite control
TA455.P58          Testing of polymers (see also: QD139.P6 for
                   Technical analysis of polymers; QD196 for
                   Inorganic polymers; QD281.P6 for Organic
                   chemistry of polymers; QD380-388 for Organic
                   polymers; QD471 for Chemical structure of
                   polymers; TP156.P6 for Chemical technology of
                   polymers; and TP1080 for Polymer technology)
TD881-890          Air pollution
TD885.5            Air pollutants
TD885.5.S8         Sulphur dioxide
TE221              Dust prevention and control
TH1061-1093        Fireproof buildings
TH6057             Environmental engineering in buildings
TH6057.M87         Environmental engineering in museum buildings
TH7683.A3          Air filters
TH7687             Air conditioning
TH9031             Dampness in buildings
TH9115             Pest control in buildings
TH9211-9599        Fire prevention, detection, fighting, and
TH9241             Fire prevention in buildings
TH9310-9383        Fire extinction
TH9311             Water as a fire extinction agent
TH9336             Fire sprinklers
TH9338             Fire extinguishing systems (see also: TP266
                   for Chemical fire extinguishing agents)
TH9362             Fire extinguishers
TH9445.A7          Fire extinction in archives
TH9445.L5          Fire extinction in libraries
TK4161             Electric lighting
TK4367             Testing of electrical lights (filtration,
                   emission of radiation, etc.)
TK4386             Fluorescent lamps and lighting
TK4399.M78         Museum lighting
TK5984             Magnetic Tapes
TK6655.V5          Video Tapes
TK7881.75          Compact disc players
TK7882.C56         Compact disc technology
TK7887.8.C6        Computer output microfilm and devices
TK7895.M4          Optical storage devices
TN948.F45          Fillers (in paper, paint, etc.)
TP156.E6           Emulsions
TP156.P6           Chemical technology of polymers and
                   polymerization (see also: QD139.P6 for
                   Technical analysis of polymers; QD196 for
                   Inorganic polymers; QD281.P6 for Organic
                   chemistry of polymers; QD380-388 for Organic
                   polymers; QD471 for Chemical structure of
                   polymers; TA455.P58 for Testing of polymers;
                   and TP1080 for Polymer technology)
TP217              Acids, including those responsible for
                   deterioration of paper
TP222              Alkalies, including those responsible for
                   extending life of paper
TP247.5            Solvents
TP247.7            Plasticizers
TP248.F6           Formaldehyde, Chemical technology (see also:
                   RA766.F6 for use as a disinfectant).
TP248.S7           Starch, Chemical technology
TP259              Electrolysis of water (see also: QC702 for
TP266              Chemical fire extinguishing agents (see also:
                   TH9338 for Fire extinguishing systems)
TP266.5            Fireproofing agents
TP276              Nitrocellulose
TP490-497          Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery
TP493              Cold storage
TP493.5            Cold storage lockers
TP496-497          Refrigerators
TP893              Dyes and dyeing, Chemistry (see also: TP930
                   for cotton dyes and dyeing; TP932 for
                   technology; TS1118.D9 for paper dyes and
                   dying; and TT853 for use in handicraft)
TP894              Bleaching; Textile cleaning, etc.
TP930              Cotton dyes and dyeing
TP932              Dyes and dyeing, Technology (see also: TP893
                   for chemistry; TP930 for cotton dyes and
                   dyeing; TS1118.D9 for paper dyes and dyeing,
                   and TT853 for use in handicraft)
TP935              Textile dyeing pigments, etc.
TP936-937.5        Paints and pigments, Chemical technology of
TP936.5            Analysis and testing of paints and pigments
TP939              Pyroxylin
TP946-950          Inks, Technology
TP948-949          Inks, Chemical technology
TP948.I6           India ink, Chemical technology
TP949              Printing-ink, Chemical technology (see also:
                   Z247 for Use of Printing-ink)
TP965-970          Gelatins and Adhesives
TP967              Glue
TP968              Hot melt adhesives
TP970              Paste
TP978              Gums and resins
TP979.5.P6         Polysaccharides
TP990-992.5        Cleaning compounds
TP1080             Polymer technology (see also: QD139.P6 for
                   Technical analysis of polymers; QD196 for
                   Inorganic polymers; QD281.P6 for Organic
                   chemistry of polymers; QD380-388 for Organic
                   polymers; QD471 for Chemical structure of
                   polymers; TA455.P58 for Testing of polymers;
                   and TP156.P6 for Chemical technology of
                   polymers and polymerization)
TP1180.A33         Acetal resins (Plastics technology)
TP1180.C4          Cellophane (Plastics technology)
TP1180.C6          Cellulose (Plastics technology)
TP1180.P6          Polyesters, Esters (Plastics technology)
TP1180.P65         Polyethylene (Plastics technology)
TP1180.W37         Water-soluble polymers (Plastics technology)
TR6                Photography exhibitions
TR151              Photographic tables, formulas, etc.
TR196              Photographic sensitometry
TR197-198          Catalogs of apparatus, materials and supplies
TR200              Photographic processes, Theory of (see also:
                   TR287-500 for Photographic processes)
TR210-225          Photographic chemistry, physics, optics, and
TR212              Photographic chemicals
TR220              Photographic optics (see also QC365 for optics
                   in general)
TR280-285          Photographic surfaces, including films
TR281              Photographic plates
TR283              Photographic films
TR285              Photographic printing papers, including
                   albumen paper
TR287-500          Photographic processes
TR340              Trimming and mounting of photographs
TR465              Conservation and restoration of photographs
TR470              Copying of photographs; Photocopying processes
TR485              Coloring of photographs
TR510-525          Color photography
TR510              Autochrome process
TR515              Color photographic papers and films, including
                   color film slides and color sensitometry
TR520              Three-color process
TR525              Lippmann process
TR530              Color photography processing
TR550-570          Photographic studio and laboratory
TR720-730          Photographic transparencies and slides (see
                   also: TR515 for color film slides)
TR750              Radiography
TR824-824.6        Photographic reproduction
TR825              Photography of items in collections (including
                   (preservation) photocopying processes)
TR835              Microphotography and machinery (see also Z265
                   for library applications)
TR885              Kineto-phonographs
TR886.3            Motion-picture film preservation and storage
TR886.5            Motion-picture film splicing
TR920-923          Reproduction of plans, drawings, etc.
TR925-1045         Photomechanical processes (including
                   developing processes)
TR930              Collotype
TR937              Heliotype
TR940-950          Photolithography
TR970-977          Photoengraving
TR976              Mezzograph
TR980              Photogravure
TR990              Photogalvanography
TR995              Woodburytype
TR1010             Phototypesetting
TR1035-1045        Electrophotography, including Preservation
TR1045             Xerography
TS195.6-.8         Packaging materials testing
TS198.B3           Boxes, including Phase-boxes
TS198.2-.3         Packaging materials, including tapes,
                   adhesives, etc.
TS198.7-.8         Packaging for protection from exposure to
                   harmful environments
TS729              Silver waste recovery (especially with regard
                   to Photographic film developing)
TS900              Box making
TS932-936          Chemical processing of wood for pulp
TS933.C4           Cellulose in wood
TS933.L5           Lignin in wood
TS940-1043         Leather (see also: NK6200 for use in art
TS940-985          Tanning of Leather, and related subjects
TS967              Leather chemistry, testing and preservation
TS1043             Leather-working machinery (see also: TT290 for
TS1045-1047        Artificial Leather
TS1080-1260        Paper manufacture (see also: HD9820-9839 for
                   Paper industry)
TS1080             Paper manufacture, General works
TS1085             Paper manufacture, Dictionaries
TS1090-1096        Paper manufacture, History of
TS1105             Paper manufacture, General special works
TS1109             Paper coating, finishing, loading, cutting,
                   testing, etc.
TS1115             Water-marks in paper manufacture (see also:
                   Z237 for Water-marks in early printed books)
TS1118             Special paper manufacturing processes
TS1118.C34         Calenders and calendering of paper
TS1118.D9          Paper dyes and dying (see also: TP893 for
                   chemistry; TP932 for technology; and TT853 for
                   use in Handicraft)
TS1118.F4          Papermaking felts
TS1118.P74         Paper pressing
TS1118.S5          Paper sizing
TS1118.S85         Paper stock preparation
TS1120-1121        Paper chemistry and properties
TS1120             Paper chemistry
TS1124-1167        Paper types
TS1125             Papyrus manufacture
TS1130             Japanese/oriental paper
TS1135             Paperboard, cardboard, etc.
TS1160             Newsprint
TS1165             Parchment
TS1167             Reproduction of paper
TS1171-1177        Wood-pulp industry and processing
TS1176.6           Pulping process, Special aspects of (including
                   testing pH)
TS1176.6.A5        Analysis of wood-pulp
TS1176.6.B6        Wood-pulp bleaching
TS1176.6.E7        Wood-pulping equipment and supplies
TS1176.6.M4        Mechanical pulping process
TS1176.6.S6        Soda pulping process
TS1176.6.S9        Sulphate pulping process
TS1176.6.S915      Sulphate waste liquor
TS1176.6.S92       Sulphite liquor
TS1176.6.S93       Sulphite pulping process
TS1176.6.T4        Testing of wood-pulp
TS1210             Paper manufacturers' catalogs
TS1220             Sample books of paper
TS1445             Textile industry, General works
TS1449             Textiles, Technical analysis (This number
                   replaces QC139.T5)
TS1514             Cleaning and drying machinery
TS1544.A5          Ambary hemp, Kenaf fibers
TS1544.C4          Cellulose fibers (see also: QK898.C42 for
                   Cellulose (Botany) and QR160 for Cellulose
TS1544.P58         Polyester fibers
TS2301.P3          Phonographics
TT290              Leather-working (see also: TS1043 for
                   Leather-working machinery)
TT853-854.5        Dyes and dyeing, Handicraft (see also: TP893
                   for chemistry; TP930 for cotton dyes and
                   dyeing; TP932 for technology; and TS1118.D9
                   for paper dyes and dyeing)
TT870              Paper-working
TX325              Household pests

Z4-8               Books and bookmaking, History of (see also:
                   Z269 for General bookbinding history)
Z41                Forgery of manuscripts
Z45                Writing materials and instruments
Z48                Processes of duplication
Z110.C7            Conservation and restoration of manuscripts
Z110.R4            Reproduction of manuscripts
Z112               Papyrus and parchment in writing
Z113-115           Facsimiles of manuscripts
Z116-550           Book industries and trade
Z116.A2            Modern printed books, Treatises on
Z116.A3            Book design
Z116.A4            Pamphlet design
Z118               Printing dictionaries and encyclopedias
Z121               Exhibition of books, etc.
Z124-228           Printing, History of
Z237-239           Water-marks in early printed books (see also:
                   TS1115 for Water-marks in paper manufacture)
Z240               Incunabula
Z245               Printing production standards
Z246               Printing design and layout
Z247               Paper and ink; Use of Printing-ink, etc. (see
                   also: TP946-950 for Technology and chemistry
                   of inks)
Z249               Cutting of paper
Z250               Printing specimens
Z252               Electrotyping; Stereotyping
Z252.5.A87         Autotype process printing
Z252.5.F6          Flexography, Aniline printing
Z252.5.N46         Nonimpact printing
Z253               Linotype, Monotype, etc.
Z253.5             Practical printing, including composition,
Z255               Imposition in printing
Z258               Color-printing (see also: NE2500-2529 for
Z260               Presswork in printing
Z265               Reprography of printed collections, including
                   library applications of microphotography (see
                   also TR835 for microphotography, and
                   Z681.3.M53 for microfilms in libraries)
Z266-276           Bookbinding (see also: NK3660 for Book
Z266               Bookbinding, General works
Z266.5             Bookbinding, Bibliography
Z267               Bookbinding periodicals
Z269               General bookbinding history (see also: Z4 for
                   Books and bookmaking history)
Z269.2             Bookbinders, Biography of
Z269.3.I95         Ivory bookbindings
Z269.3.L43         Leather bookbindings
Z269.3.P52         Pictorial bookbindings
Z269.3.S55         Silver bookbindings
Z269.5             Commercial bookbinding
Z270               Bookbinding in various regions and countries
Z271               Bookbinding handbooks and techniques,
                   including Gilding and Marbling
Z271.3.H43         Headbands (Bookbinding)
Z271.5             Restoration of individual bindings
Z272               Bookbinding machinery, materials and tools,
                   including Endpapers (see also: N8530 for
                   Artists' materials; N8543 for Artists' tools;
                   NE976 for Printmaking materials; and NE977 for
                   Printmaking tools)
Z274               Bookbinding specimens
Z275               Temporary binders and protective enclosures
Z276               Book ornamentation
Z551-656           Copyright
Z552               International copyright
Z649.M6            Moral rights of authors re.: copyright
Z649.T5            Copyright of titles
Z649.T7            Transfer of copyright
Z652.N4            Copyright of newspaper articles
Z653               Copyright of music
Z654               Copyright of art, photographs, etc.
Z655               Copyright of motion pictures
Z663               Library of Congress publications
Z673.5             Library exhibits
Z679               Library architecture
Z679.5             Library architectural planning, etc.
Z679.6-.7          Security and safety of collections
Z679.6             Library and book security measures
Z679.7             Safety of library and archival collections
Z680               Heating, ventilation, and lighting of
                   collection areas
Z681-681.3         Photography and reprography as used in
                   libraries and archives (administrative issues)
Z681.3.M34         Magnetic media, Library applications
Z681.3.M53         Microfilm, Library applications
Z681.3.O67         Optical disk library applications
Z683.5             Library insurance
Z684-685           Library fittings and supplies
Z685               Shelving, bookstacks, etc.
Z687               Collection development
Z688.A2            Library collections, General works
Z688.N6            Nonbook material collections
Z688.R3            Rare book collections
Z689               Book and periodical selection
Z692.M5            Acquisition of microforms
Z699.5             Information storage and retrieval systems
Z699.5.A9          Audio-visual information storage and retrieval
Z699.5.N47         Newspaper information storage and retrieval
Z699.5.P65         Polymer information storage and retrieval
Z699.5.T4          Information storage and retrieval systems
Z700-701.5         Bookbinding (Specific; including conservation
                   and restoration)
Z701               Conservation and Restoration, including: Book
                   mutilation and repair; Book-worms and Insect
                   infestation; Book disinfection.
Z701.3.D4          Deacidification of books
Z702               Book theft
Z703.5             Disposition of collections on shelves
Z703.6             Weeding; Discarding of books
Z716.8             Video tape recorders and recording used in
Z721-725           History of libraries
Z881               Library catalogs
Z992               Bibliophilia
Z993-995           Book-plates
Z1029              Rare books, Bibliographies and catalogs
Z1030              Vellum printed books, Bibliographies and
Z1033.M5           Microform editions, Bibliographies and
Z1033.R4           Reprint editions, Bibliographies and catalogs
Z5140              Archives, Bibliographies of the literature
Z5347              Talking books, newspapers, etc.,
                   Bibliographies and catalogs
Z5356.F97          Fungi, Bibliographies of the literature
Z6603              Palm leaf manuscripts, Bibliographies of the
Z6604-6605         Papyri, Bibliographies of the literature
Z6946              Booksellers' catalogs
Z7914.A3           Adhesives, Bibliographies of the literature
Z7914.P2           Paper-making and Trade, Bibliographies of the

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