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Wotton, Thomas ( 1521-1587 )

An English bibliophile sometimes referred to as the English Grolier, not only because he adopted Grolier's motto for use on his own books, but because he also used decorative designs similar to those found on Grolier's books. See: JEAN GROLIER . The more elaborate of Wotton's bindings, which are distinguished by their painted strapwork, were collected during his youth, probably before 1553, while his later bindings are decorated only with armorial stamps. All of his elaborate bindings were probably executed in Paris for him during visits there in the period from 1545 to 1552. The Parisian bindings seem to be the work of four or five different ateliers. Some of these bindings have the motto: Thomae Wottoni et Amicorvm, while another group has the date 1552 stamped on the cover. Most of his bindings are of brown calfskin.

Most of Wotton's books, of which some 130 to 140 are extant, descended through one female line to the Earls of Chesterfield, who moved them from Kent to Derbyshire in 1747, and eventually to the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, who sold the collection in 1919. (132 , 53 )

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