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"Sutherland" decoration

A manner of tooling in colors, usually carried out on vellum and analogous materials, and called "Sutherland" because of the patronage of the Duchess of Sutherland. The process involved the use of a resin, which was applied to the vellum. followed by colors which were sprinkled on and then tooled. Until this technique was introduced by the English binder George Bagguley, in 1896. tooling in color had never been successful and foils, of course. did not exist.

Solid tooling was not possible, but very beautiful and delicate tooling on bright colors with highlights in gold was done by means of fine gouges and pallets. Because the decoration was much too delicate for normal handling, Bagguley usually restricted his technique to doublures, and even then generally vellum doublures. (94 , 236 )

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