Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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se-lin labeling system

A method of preparing labels for books developed at Battelle Memorial Institute under the sponsorship of the Library Technology Program of the American Library Association. The system utilizes a regular typewriter (but with a special platen and usually with larger than normal type), special plastic strips, and a transparent laminating material.

The base tape is fed into the typewriter from a reel, the appropriate information is typed on the tape and the clear (laminating) strip is applied over the tape by means of a pressure laminating roll assembly. After the strip of combined base and clear tapes is cut into label size, the backing release paper is removed, the label is placed in the proper position on the book, a shield is held over the label, and heat is applied by means of a hot iron or plate. Although the labels can subsequently be removed by the application of heat, which softens the adhesive, in practice this is difficult to do without damaging the fabric covering of the book.

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