Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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score ( scored, scoring )

To impart a linear indentation or crease in a sheet of heavyweight paper or lightweight board by pressing it between two metal surfaces, one of which has a recessed groove and the other a tongue. The scoring may also be done with a dull blade. The score is made along the line at which the sheet is to be folded or turned. It alters the sheet structure by compressing the fibers in such a manner as to provide a hinge and increases the number of times the sheet can be flexed before failure. Scoring may be done on the printing press, folding machine, or in the bindery. In bookbinding, and especially library binding (when a book is to be oversewn), scoring is frequently necessary because of the weight of the paper (particularly cover papers), incorrect machine direction of the paper, i.e., vertical to the binding edge, or both. (17 , 58 )

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