Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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rebacked ( rebacking )

The renewal or replacement of the material covering the spine of a book. The term is used primarily with reference to books covered in leather, as this type of repair is seldom feasible in the case of paper-covered books, or a publisher's cloth (edition) binding, unless the book is rare or has a binding of unusual attractiveness, e.g., a Victorian illustrated cover. Used in a strict sense, however, it refers to the renewal of the original spine covering. The term may also be applied to the reattachment of the original spine material, usually after repair or restoration. Unless a substantial portion of the original spine can be restored and reattached, it is usually replaced in its entirety. In either case, it is customary to lay a new strip of leather over the spine of the text block, over which the original spine is glued. The leather beneath is extended under the leather on the sides, thus effectively creating new joints. (69 , 237 )

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