Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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quadruple folder

A folding machine designed principally for book production, which produces either four 16-page or two 32-page sections. It has three folding levels and six sets of folding rollers. The sheet is folded on its longest dimension in the first section, and is folded in a parallel fold in the second, while at the same time being slit into four units, each of which is folded at right angles in the third section. When insetted sections are required, the two center sections are conveyed to positions under the right and left outside sections by means of hickey rolls before the final fold is made. Here the two sections are folded together with one operation of the right- and left-hand folding knives, and are then delivered to the receiving hopper as two 32-page sections. See: FOLDING MACHINES . (320 )

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