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The mechanically and/ or chemically prepared mixtures obtained from vegetable fibers and used in the manufacture of paper and board. The general classes of paper pulp are listed below. Any of the various pulps listed may be further classified as unbleached, semi-bleached, or bleached.
I. Wood pulp
  A. Mechanical
    1. Groundwood
    2. Defibrated
    3. Exploded
  B. Chemical
    1. Sulfite
    2. Neutral sulfite
    3. Sulfate
    4. Chemical cellulose (sulfate and sulfite)
        a. Papermaking alpha pulps
        b. Chemical conversion pulps
    5. Soda
    6. Semi-chemical
    7. Chemigroundwood
    8. Screenings
    9. Miscellaneous
    11. Cotton fiber or rag pulps
III. Reclaimed papers
  A. Paper stock
  B. De-inked paper stock
  C. Paper shavings and cuttings
IV. Other fibrous pulps
  A. Manila hemp
  B. Jute
  C. Esparto
  D. Cereal straw
  E. Seed flax straw
  F. Bagasse
  G. Bamboo
  H. Reeds
  I. Leaf fibers
  J. Kenaf
  K. Miscellaneous fibers
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