Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. One thousandth of an inch. The point is used in expressing the thickness of paper or board, as well as other materials, but not leather. See: LEATHER SUBSTANCE TABLE . 2. The expression of certain values of the properties of paper, e.g., points per pound, or pounds per point. 3. The unit of measure for printer's type. A point is approximately 1/72 inch, 12-point type, for example, being 12/72 or 1/6 inch in body. One inch equals 72.25433 points, while 72 points equal 0.9962 inch. The width of a line of type (or "measure") is determined in pica (12-point) ems. The depth of a page of type is similarly measured in picas or ems. 4. A book collector's term for a particular characteristic of text, type, form, etc., that distinguishes states, issues, and editions from one another. 5. A thin piece of metal with a point projecting from one end, and secured at its other end to the tympans of some printing presses; it is used to insure accurate register in feeding. 6. A mark or hole made on or in sheets in printing to serve as a guide in folding. (17 , 42 , 156 )

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