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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. One of the separate layers of paper or board comprising the sheet formed on a multi-cylinder papermaking machine. Each cylinder adds one layer (web), which is then pressed to another, both or all of which adhere firmly upon drying. The thickness of the resultant board is generally expressed in the number of layers of which it is composed. The equivalent ply ratings in thousandths of an inch are given below:
    Ply     Inches
     2      0.012
     3      0.015
     4      0.018
     5      0.021
     6      0.024
     8      0.030
    10      0.036
    12      0.042
    14      0.048
    16      0.056

2. One of the sheets laminated to build up a pasted board of given thickness. (17 , 278 )

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