Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. The process of decorating the covers of a book by applying color or acid to the leather. See, for example, MOTTLED CALF . See also: TREE CALF . 2. In printing, a defect appearing: 1) on a solid print as a variation in color intensity across the sheet or as a variation in gloss; or 2) as a blotchiness due to frothmarking. Mottling may be caused by localized variations in either ink receptivity or penetration; in the former it may be predominantly a difference in hue, while in the latter it will generally be a result of a difference in gloss. 3. The uneven dyeing of paper pulp fibers resulting from the coloring of a small number of fibers before complete dispersion of the dye. This is due to the manner of addition of a hot concentrated solution of dyestuff to the beater, or of dyeing a combination furnish containing fibers which take up the dye more readily than others. 4. An uneven dyeing of a paper due to the application of drops of dye on the web while it is on the Fourdrinier wire or on the finished sheet after it has left the papermaking machine. (17 , 93 , 159 , 172 )

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