Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. The rectangular wooden frame over which the brass wires or a wire cloth is stretched and through which water drains away from the pulp fibers in the formation of a sheet of handmade paper. See also: DECKLE (2) . 2. A packet of leaves of gold interleaved into 1,000 goldbeater's skins, each 5 inches square. The mold stage of goldbeating is the final and most exacting of the three stages of beating. See: GOLD LEAF . 3. In printing, a device in two parts used for casting movable type. 4. A multi-cellular, microscopic vegetable plant which forms cobweblike masses of branching threads from the surface of which tiny fertile threads project into the air bearing the part of the plant from which spores develop. Mold may be of brilliant colors or black and white, depending on the type. Molds can develop on leather, cloth, paper, etc., especially in the presence of relatively high heat and relative humidity. See also: FUNGI ; MILDEW . (29 , 198 )

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