Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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microencapsulated adhesive

An adhesive employing microencapsulation (a procedure for containing liquids, e.g., the dye in carbonless copy paper, in microscopic pods which are crushed to release their contents) so as to cause it to act instantly, i.e., the adhesive sets the instant the capsules are crushed. The "adhesive," for example, could be applied to the boards or board papers of a book at any time during binding. Pressing the book would crush the capsules creating the adhesive. The process would have particular use in edition binding, as it would solve the problem o f timing inherent in most modern machines, where the glue (at the correct temperature and viscosity) must reach its application area (in correct film thickness) an instant after the work is properly positioned but before machine pressure is applied, which is a set of circumstances very difficult to keep in proper adjustment. The use of microencapsulated adhesives would also be of considerable benefit to library binders. As of this time, such adhesives are only in the experimental stage. (89 )

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