Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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Lesné, François A.D.

A 19th-century French bookbinder who referred to himself as the "Poet-binder" because of his poems eulogizing bookbinding. Lesné is better known. however, for his development of a temporary soft-cover binding of plain calfskin which was said (by Lesné) to be an improvement over the BRADEL BINDING , developed earlier in the 19th century. Lesné's binding consisted of calf-covered boards sewn to a strip of linen; the sections themselves, however, were not sewn. It is not clear how the sections or leaves were secured to the linen. unless. as in a later American binding which infringed on Lesné's method. the boards were sewn to the linen at both spine and fore edge, thus creating a form of wrapper binding. In order not to deceive the buyer, Lesné stated that books so "bound" would bear the blind stamped inscription "Exposition de 1834. Cartonnages conservateurs de Lesné." (It was at this exposition that he received a bronze medal for his invention.) (89 )

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