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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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kraft paper

A paper produced by a modified sulfate process, and employing only wood pulp. It is a relatively coarse paper and is known especially for its strength. Kraft paper is usually manufactured on a Fourdrinier machine and is generally given a regular machine finished or machine-glazed surface. It can be watermarked, striped, or calendered, and has an acceptable surface for printing. Its natural unbleached color is brown, but it can be produced in lighter shades of brown, cream tints, and white, by the use of semi-bleached or fully bleached sulfate pulps. Kraft paper is generally made in basis weights from 25 to 60 pounds (24 X 36�) but it is also made in weights ranging from 18 to 200 pounds. (17 , 1 , 323 )

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