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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. The raw or tanned pelt removed from the adult of one of the larger animals, e.g., cowhide, as distinguished from the skin of one of the smaller animals, e.g., goatskin, or an immature larger animal, e.g., calfskin.

The finest part of a hide is located in the butt area. The shoulder provides good quality although its natural substance is somewhat uneven and falls away toward the cheeks, which are often trimmed. Shoulders also tend to show growth marks which can be conspicuous. The bellies give thinner and sometimes weaker leather.

2. Leather made from hides which have not been split, or from the grain split of a hide. When used in this manner, the name of the animal or the type of leather may be specified, e.g., cowhide. (363 )

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