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A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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head box

1. A large flow box on a Fourdrinier papermaking machine. The furnish of dilute stock is pumped into the head box and from there flows onto the wire where it is formed into the web of paper. The head box is equipped with baffles and other flow-evening devices; it also agitates the stock so as to prevent flocculation of the fibers. The head box is designed to spread the flow of furnish evenly and uniformly the entire width of the wire between the deckles. The box may be open, in which case the height of the stock provides the pressure, or closed, in which case air pressure is used. 2. A flow-regulating device on a cylinder papermaking machine which controls the volume of stock flowing to the screens and mixing boxes before the vats. (17 , 72 , 80 )

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