Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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half extra

1. In craft bookbinding, "half extra" letterpress binding is defined as any half-leather binding forwarded in boards, regardless of any decoration or lack of it. A half extra binding is one usually, but not necessarily, sewn on raised cords. If it is not sewn on raised cords, false bands are usually used. 2. In stationery binding, "half extra" is defined as a blankbook made up of machine-made paper that has been tubsized. Four sections are taped at front and back, and the book is sewn on webbings. It has a SPRING-BACK (1) , made endpapers, cloth joints sewn on, leather linings between the webbings, and is covered on the spine and corners with calfskin or roan and on the sides with paper. (152 , 236 )

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