Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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glassine paper

A supercalendered paper manufactured principally from chemical wood pulps which have been beaten to secure a high degree of stock hydration. Glassine paper is grease resistant, has a high resistance to the passage of air, and is almost impervious to the passage of water vapor. It is also smooth and transparent, or semi-transparent. It is made in white and various colors, and may also be made opaque by the addition of fillers. Basis weights range from 12 to 90 pounds (24 X 36�), with the ordinary range being from 15 to 40 pounds. Glassine tape, which is the paper backed, with a water-soluble adhesive, is sometimes used to repair torn book leaves, although it will eventually turn yellow and may damage the paper. It is also used in lieu of cellulose acetate in theSUNDEX PROCESS of lamination. (17 , 198 , 324 )

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