Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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1. The charge made by the manufacturer or supplier of leather. The method of measurement used in calculating the number of square feet of any particular skin or hide is somewhat complicated, and in practice it is usually found that a skin marked, for example, as four feet, will not give nearly that much area in cut pieces for books; particularly in the case of skins with very ragged edges, e.g., goatskin. The footage charged is usually marked on the flesh side of the skin, and is calculated to the tenth of a foot in the United States, and to a quarter of a foot in England, e.g., 4 = 4 feet, 4/1 = 4 1/4 foot, etc. The measuring is done either by metal pins which record the presence (or absence) of leather by touch, or by a beam of light, which indicates the absence of leather by means of a receptor element. 2. The length or area of a reel of paper expressed in linear or square measure. (335 , 363 )

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