Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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filling in

1. The operation of pasting heavy paper to the insides of the boards of a book within the turn-ins of the covering material. The purpose of filling in is to prevent the thickness of the turn-ins from being noticeable under the board papers. Filling in is done only in craft bookbinding. 2. A fault in blocking, printing, etc., in which the spaces in types, or the spaces between the dots of a halftone block, fill with gold, coloring, or ink. In blocking it may be caused by worn or damaged type, or by a type holder that is too hot; in printing, it may be caused by too much ink, or an ink that is unsuitable for the job, by the form being too high, the rollers being set incorrectly, or by the use of an unsuitable paper, especially one which fluffs. (92 , 156 , 161 , 335 )

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